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    Default New AFT Owner :)


    Hi everyone,

    Yesterday I visited my local reptile store (Just to look around), And I ended up coming home
    with an African Fat Tail Gecko

    The night before I was on Youtube looking at aquarium videos (I have 2 tropical fish tanks) and through randomly clicking around I ended up looking at pet geckos lol. After that I got really curious about them because they seemed like such cool pets!

    I degress, At the reptile store I was greeted with an extremely helpful employee (Owners son). Even though when walking in the store I claimed I was just there to look, he spilled so much information about the animals I was checking out.

    It ended up coming down to a decision of owning an African Fat Tail Gecko or a Gargoyle Gecko. I was able to handle both in-store. The Gargoyle seemed to want to constantly keep moving (somtimes leaping) while the Fat Tail was pleased to just hang out on my arm.

    I was impressed with the looks of both and it was a hard decision to make, But ultimately came home with the AFT. I think the temperament of the AFT is what sold me.

    Details on his new home:

    -10 gallon tank
    -1 hide
    -Nocturnal Lamp (opposite of water dish and hide)
    -Cypress Mulch/Peat Moss mix compact bedding

    The owner said he fed him the day of purchase and to return in a couple days for some crickets. (I also purchased Calcium to powder the crickets)

    All in all i'm pretty excited about my new pet, I'm giving him several days to settle in his new place before I handle him even though it's tempting to handle him now It's probably a safe bet to see him eat in his new home first.

    So what do you guys think, Would you have gone with a Gargoyle or AFT if you had to choose?

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    AFT all the way If you're looking for a pet to interact with you made a wise choice.

    However, one thing I would mention is that most pet stores sell imported Fat Tails (not all) so I would look into that and if it is I would suggest a fecal being done to be treated for parasites. They are such cute lizards they deserve the best we can give them.

    GL with your new gecko and welcome to the world of Fat Tails
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