For the past three weeks, my African Fat Tail, Violet, who is (about) 6 or 7 years old hasn't eaten or defecated. The conditions of her tank have not changed, I have appropriate heat and humidity, she sheds normally. nothing changed. She looks healthy. Her tail has always been small no matter how much I fed her (she used to eat like a pig), and it is the same size as of right now. She hasn't lost any weight. I took her to the vet a few days ago thinking it was some sort of respiratory infection, as I heard a bit of, I suppose you could say, crackling in her lungs when she inhaled. The vet gave me "Enroflox Enrosite Baytril" to give her (0.1 mL by mouth through a syringe, twice a day), as he suspected a respiratory infection as well. I have been doing the needed dosages, and she still wont eat. The vet said she should eat within a few days. I am starting to get very worried. She shows absolutely no interest in any prey. All I have access to is crickets and mealworms. She has never had meal worms before, and will not eat them. I dust the crickets with calcium (looking into getting more vitamins for her). I have no idea what to do. I will be taking her to the vet again if she doesn't eat soon, so before I do that, could anyone offer some information? I have no clue as to why she won't eat. She drinks water just fine.