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    She's really calming down, and the clumsiness has gone down a lot, too. I'm assuming it's just her being a clumsy baby. I honestly enjoy having a baby to tong feed since my other female (Fig) just attacks the tongs haha.

    And just thinking... I've never heard about this happening with a gecko, but I know with, say, puppies, for example when you feed them you have to give them the smallest proportions possible so they don't get bloated and the stomach stays as small as possible. I was just wondering if I should limit Sirsee's food amounts because this baby would probably eat 30 worms/roaches if I let her! I've always heard to let them have as much as they want in 10-15 minutes but I have been limiting her to 15 bugs a night. Is that still too much, or can I let her eat her way through my bug colonies? This may sound like a dumb question, but I haven't ever had a gecko with this big of a stomach!

    I have also noticed that when I am handling her, she will tense and untense her back legs. She does it at completely random times. Not after I feed her, not specifically at day or night . . . it's weird. Any ideas?
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