My AFT Adele will only eat waxworms and refuses to eat anything else. I am worried about her health because they are so fatty. She is eating the same amount size wise as she was when she ate dubia roaches, but she is definitely rotund after one month of this new diet.

My lizards started off with dubias which are given a calcium and vitamin supplemented diet. They ate these everyday for the last 6 months. I switched to dubias because they kept getting parasites on crickets no matter where I bought them.

A dubia diet fixed the problem. However, after 6 months of this diet Adele refused to eat. I bought mealworms to see if she would like those, NOPE. We went to the vet who said she was fine, xray showed no blockage. She had refused to eat for two weeks and the temps in the terrarium are stable at 90 and 80-84.
The vet suggested she was being a tough customer and to buy a large variety of bugs for her to try. Well, she only wanted the waxworms.

Now she is otherwise acting normal, but extremely fat in her belly. She is pooping. I thought she was eggbearing but the vet said he saw none.

How can I keep her at a healthy weight on just waxworms? I tried to feed the waxworms the supplemented feed and they were not having it. Also sprinkling vitamin and calcium mix is a no go. She will refuse to eat food that is dusted.

She is way too fat. How do I feed her the waxworms in the correct amount and frequency? How can I supplement her diet? All I found was calcium drops for water.
Help meee!