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  1. Experience with acrylic cage building ?
  2. fake rock...
  3. Making Rocks [pics]
  4. glass cage building
  5. Expansive misting system...
  6. Thanks Nathan!
  7. rocks
  8. Homemade Racks
  9. moving DIY topcs
  10. Can someone do a picture thread of how to cut glass?
  11. Auto misters
  12. homemade stands
  13. shelving units?
  14. artifical plants
  15. Alucages for outdoor
  16. UTH setup for melamine enclosures (pictures)
  17. how I build my cages (with little $$ involved)
  18. Plans for my display tank system....
  19. incubator out of an old fridge?
  20. One more glass question...
  21. mice rack
  22. equipment needed for making glass cages...
  23. Pics on how to make Coustom made cages...LONG POST
  24. who knows how to build racks??
  25. Finally half built my own tanks....
  26. Hazards of silicone....
  27. Fake rocks
  28. A Day's Work...
  29. Screen Question
  30. New Tank..
  31. Home Depot version of UV-b lights?
  32. Screen
  33. converting a fish tank into a aboreal viv
  34. Question for all the chaulk masters
  35. question about viv
  36. large grapewood or drift wood
  37. arboreal viv pics
  38. Fiberglass?
  39. leo diy tank?
  40. questions concerning new tank
  41. JPSTOD Construction Jornual 1
  42. Cabinet Incubator Plans?
  43. Exo Terra Problem
  44. moved: Project ideas and Suggestions wanted!
  45. Tank doors using hinges
  46. cleaning
  47. How to write a care sheet?
  48. Tegu Cage Hardscape
  49. Dart FRog Rockwork
  50. Rack ideas for feeders?
  51. Will Fabricated Rocks Hold Water?
  52. Replacement glass,acrylic,plastic for 55 gallon any ideas!!!
  53. How good are cresteds at escaping?
  54. Fogger fog distribution
  55. External Ultrasonic Fogger
  56. cleaning solution for new tank?
  57. loam with leos
  58. My New Gecko Rack
  59. Breeding Rack
  60. Fake rock questions.
  61. Questions???
  62. Cage Questions???
  63. Some experience with xaxim?
  64. glue
  65. Making a Rack- Finally
  66. Exo-terra compact top question
  67. Cricket breeding KIT...or home-made
  68. How to make those rock walls?
  69. Advice on suitability for Gargoyle Geckos
  70. removing mineral stains from glass
  71. Advise on a DIY lid for 35g hexagon tank
  72. Ten Gallon Tank Platform
  73. Glass strength
  74. what adhesive?????? {URGANT}
  75. Need help constructing a waterfall and water filtration system...
  76. what silicone to use on great stuff background?
  77. cool mist humidifiers
  78. Flexwatt Heating Tape
  79. My gecko room
  80. crested gecko setup
  81. rock from a fish tank (how do I sterilise it?)
  82. New terrarium... (disinfect?)
  83. 45 gallon dimensions
  84. Eggstraktor: a way to remove eggs from tight spots
  85. cork bark backrounds
  86. lighting through glass? (full spectrum/UVB)
  87. Setting up Substrate
  88. Why we guys shouldn't be left home alone!
  89. need instructions
  90. Building custom cage for Uromastyx - advice?
  91. Building a new terrarium
  92. Refurbishing a mammoth viv!!! (Pics)
  93. New terrarium for leopard gecko's
  94. Ideas for cage tops for Phelsuma klemmeri
  95. Horizontal bamboo for phelsuma
  96. thermostat question (Didnt' know where to put this)
  97. My D.I.Y block of gecko 'flats'...
  98. lava rocks ok for gecko vivariums?
  99. Custom cage topper needed built!!
  100. Halogen Hot Spots - Enclosure Lighting!
  101. DIY Leopard Gecko Setup: UTH/temp safety; moist HO; slate rock/tile
  102. Bamboo background, how to build?
  103. Viv For Spiny Tail Geckos
  104. Bamboo Poles - Attaching to enclosure!! (PICS)
  105. Heating an entire gecko room
  106. My DIY chandelier conversion to one ugly hanging...thing of a viv
  107. I want to build a rack/viv, but...
  108. Building Cage - Need help!
  109. Polycrylic?
  110. Pvc pipe Set-up
  111. Finding Supplies online
  112. New gecko rack
  113. Acrylic tanks? (R-zilla fresh air or others...)
  114. Sliding Glass Doors Help
  115. Bamboo Pole Holders
  116. "Natural" Cages for Leopard Gecko
  117. Starting a Vivarium for my Leopard Geckos
  118. Waterproofing??
  119. Homemade Enclosure
  120. Fake rock for geckos
  121. Phelsuma Rack/display case
  122. I wanted to Build this tell me what you think.
  123. my cupboard under the stairs
  124. screen or glass terrariums?
  125. Question about Great Stuff background
  126. Fake Rocks and Wood | a tutorial...
  127. best substrate for a gargoyle gecko?
  128. jpstodwftexas: Link to my White's Dumpy Tree Frogs Vivarium
  129. Question about Varathane for leo gecko.
  130. How to make a ground for leo gecko?
  131. Difference between Great stuff?
  132. my new rack
  133. What paint to use?
  134. Building a rack.
  135. Reptile Rack
  136. I need some heating opinions/help .
  137. cheap glass?
  138. particle board..
  139. Modding computer fan to wall socket
  140. Rock wall Nephrurus Amyae
  141. Plant irrigation
  142. not too bad for a first attempt at a fake rock
  143. Making a rock background?
  144. non toxic sealers
  145. Lighting Article May 2009 Issue
  146. Build an Arboreal Cage for Only $25
  147. Refrigerator conversion
  148. my drainage layer
  149. Q: How to fix broken glass on exo-terra
  150. cricket box?
  151. Rack Designs? Just Curious About How You Built Them.
  152. A question about sealant...
  153. Weird amoeba looking worm
  154. Long to tall?
  155. My new setup!
  156. DIY: How to build a rock wall
  157. Tub size?
  158. Need Help with Conversion
  159. Wh to use to separate leca from soil in a false bottom?
  160. Exo-Terra All Glass Cage Weight?
  161. Ideas
  162. Natural waterdishes
  163. My geckos home
  164. gun cabinet for crested gecko
  165. Thinking about a new enclosure....
  166. Leopard Gecko Hide ideas
  167. Screen Lids
  168. ? about making a rockwall
  169. Reptile Tank Racks
  170. Need Ideas For a Crested Gecko Hide
  171. Crestie Viv ?
  172. NEED HELP...Which Tank Should I get?
  173. cleans solutions for glass tank.
  174. Rack systom
  175. What Material for Racks?
  176. making a feeding ledge, need help!
  177. Great Temp/Humidity and UV sensors.
  178. Vivarium background help
  179. tokays set up ? diy stuff >?
  180. johans moss ....
  181. Rock wall and hides cleanup question
  182. Nifty Idea for Humidity
  183. extra heating/ hides
  184. Is hot glue safe to use in a terrarium?
  185. hard water ?
  186. Rock wall Strophurus williamsi
  187. help with doing ma own setup
  188. Safe Wood
  189. would this work
  190. need ideas for Leopard gecko setup
  191. Hello and my first DIY project for my Crestie
  192. jpstodwftexas: Large Wooden Vivarium
  193. remembered how I made diy tanks as a kid, easy and diffrent
  194. Homemade Dresser Cage
  195. One man's trash...kijiji find
  196. Wooden handmade terrarium 115cm*85cm*50cm (Lots of pics)
  197. Future Project: Giant Vivarium Yard
  198. hand train thick tailed geckos
  199. Heatmat on side of glass tank issue
  200. is this a good idea for a stack?
  201. Hard Water Stains
  202. Viv setup and heating
  203. Moist Hide Poll
  204. How would you do this ?
  205. New Gecko Time article: DIY fake rock enclosure
  206. cardboard a safe temp. option?
  207. diy 'toy display bin' rack.. need ideas..
  208. What to do without eggcrates?
  209. Quality & Reliability of thermostat?
  210. exo terra viv
  211. My new gecko rack
  212. Vivarium build for crestie 60x60x120 (cm, inner dimensions)
  213. Worried about Geckos size
  214. Am I missing anything?
  215. Heating Venting Q's
  216. Heating an 8x3 foot area
  217. Vertical gardens: fertilizer for thought....
  218. Gecko Time: DIY Incubator from compact refrigerator
  219. Hi from Tennessee
  220. How do you heat a vert?
  221. cage build acrylic heating
  222. thermostat question had no idea where to post
  223. do i need a sealant?
  224. styrofoam, grout hides
  225. Screen Top Custom
  226. Securing bamboo horizontally.. any help?
  227. target quick setting cement vs non sanded grout
  228. background safe?
  229. Sealant selection?
  230. Recommended size of UTH in rainforest set-up?
  231. heat tape?
  232. How to turn a horizontal aquaterrarium into an arboreal viv?
  233. Gecko Time: DIY Naturalistic Terrarium
  234. My Terrariums
  235. What tiles are best for Viv...
  236. Terrarium UTH issue
  237. Extention
  238. DIY 10 gallon incubator
  239. Stand For A 40 Breeder
  240. petco $1 per gallon sale
  241. Removing Plexiglass?
  242. Roach Bins (DIY)
  243. Help: Light for phelsuma
  244. Application for designing tanks
  245. 10g vert viv
  246. Rack System
  247. bio active soil
  248. can anything live in a 5 gallon?
  249. selfmade tank
  250. Aquarium Conversion for crested gecko questions