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  1. Housed together
  2. Need a quick answer to a problem
  3. Best Hygrometer and Thermometer for Crested Geckos?
  4. Planning a Natural Vivarium for Crestie
  5. Can you overfeed crickets?
  6. Baby created has decided sleeping on the ground is more fun...
  7. Lost Crested Gecko
  8. Molting/Shedding Question
  9. Adding Variety of MRP
  10. breeding crested gecko/adding female?
  11. cage decor
  12. Daytime Heat Bulb
  13. Crested gecko not feeding
  14. Breeding Crested Geckos
  15. crested gecko only fired up on half/one side his body?
  16. New, scared, gecko owner.
  17. Quick question on Pinstripe Crested Gecko prices.
  18. sleeping on ground
  19. 4/5 month old crestie
  20. newbee
  21. Are my crested geckos too cold?
  22. New Crested Gecko "Cool off period"
  23. Bugs in my eco earth!! Scared crestie?????
  24. Input! New Crested Gecko Owner
  25. Is this normal!
  26. Swollen Crested Gecko Eye
  27. Kinked Crested Gecko Tail
  28. Newbie with a juvenile female crestie and a vivarium
  29. Baby shed problem
  30. Crested Gecko off Food and Losing Weight
  31. Too much weight lost only one egg
  32. Crestie Viv Build - Questions
  33. Its a boy?
  34. When can i start feeding my crestie real fruit?
  35. Live Feeder Options
  36. Cracked Glass - Is Packing Tape Crestie-Safe?
  37. What happened?
  38. Cooling Crestie Tank?
  39. Crestie shedding question.
  40. help! not sure whats wrong with his eyes
  41. My little guy's gender?
  42. My crazy crestie!
  43. Potted Plants in Tank
  44. Crested geckos in michigan?
  45. Something on nose
  46. Too big?
  47. reptarium screen cage?
  48. Crested Costs
  49. Crested Gecko Laying Eggs. Help!
  50. So instead of a garg...
  51. Eggs...
  52. crested gecko doesn't eat, skinny/shrivelled skin/tail and is not active at all.
  53. New Tank Set Up
  54. crested gecko tank mate sizes
  55. crested gecko sexing
  56. Quick tips on Feeding?
  57. Crested Gecko Enclosures Next to Eachother
  58. Questions about Crested Geckos?
  59. Created Gecko doesn't eat CGD or crickets?
  60. Other plants
  61. Will they hatch??
  62. Why no phosphorus?
  63. new gecko lost her tail what do I do?!?
  64. Questions about Terrariums for Crested Gecko?
  65. Crested Gecko acting different
  66. The poop scoop
  67. Just wanted to share this :)
  68. Basic Set up?
  69. Burrowing gecko?
  70. Conflicting info... Need some help before getting Cresties!
  71. Thinking of getting one
  72. New Crested owner....feeding issues
  73. Question about feeding bannanna to my crestie
  74. Catappa Leaves?
  75. Crested gecko night lighting
  76. Safe Plants
  77. New Crested Gecko Owner
  78. Help! Is my crested okay? Is there too much stuff in her terrarium?
  79. Egg in water bowl
  80. Being Difficult.
  81. Is my Crestie gravid?
  82. Crested gecko aggressive breeding
  83. Too many crickets?
  84. Update on Crested Gecko With Couple of Questions
  85. Cresties in plastic tubs with plants...
  86. Stupid question...
  87. New to Gecko's
  88. Long term temps in the low 80s
  89. First time Gecko owner. shedding question
  90. breeding bigger male crested gecko to female?
  91. Sick crested baby
  92. What size repashy...
  93. New Terrarium setup
  94. May be inheriting a crested gecko, have some questions
  95. New gecko, runny poop?
  96. Normal behavior?
  97. worried my baby crested gecko is too skinny?
  98. new gecko
  99. Suddenly stopped eating
  100. Help! Juvenile Crested Gecko developed black spot.
  101. Crested Gecko Heating
  102. Rhacodactylus ciliatus questions....
  103. Have baby Gecko don't know if he's in a good set up though
  104. choosing breeding pair / best choice
  105. Crested Gecko Lighting Questions
  106. Moving a nervous Crested Gecko
  107. New Crested Geckos Not Eating?
  108. crestie eye problem?
  109. Bigger Exoterra - 36x18x36(high)
  110. whats wrong with my crested geckos tail??!
  111. Aditional heating?
  112. crested gecko substrate?
  113. Male crestie question!
  114. Breeding help
  115. Please help me ID the morphs of my cresties
  116. Please help me ID the morphs of my cresties (2)
  117. Adding Insectpaté
  118. help with crickets
  119. Are heat lamps okay?
  120. Is it possible to trick them and give my cresties their cool down period in summer?
  121. Thinking About Getting a Crested Gecko
  122. New to cresties, morph help?
  123. Curious about Crested gecko feeding?
  124. Crested Gecko Terrarium Size
  125. Possible New Crested owner soon, need advice please
  126. can a tank be too big?
  127. Breeding for Traits
  128. New Breeder
  129. My Cested Gecko won't eat the CGD
  130. Crested Gecko Setup and Morph
  131. How Often Can I feed Crickets?
  132. Odd Spine Curvature Near Base of Tail
  133. tank cleaning questions?
  134. Potential fts?
  135. Crested Gecko - Humidity too high?
  136. What Morphs Are My Cresties? Thanks!
  137. Crestie Laid An Egg
  138. Cooling down crestie cages
  139. Delta and her Setup
  140. Strange Issue with my Gecko's Eye
  141. Two more coming home.
  142. Housing question
  143. Is My Crestie's Weight Okay?
  144. Crested gecko not eating.... Swollen arms...
  145. This darn (gecko) addiction....
  146. Concerned
  147. Breeding Pair Question
  148. Sexing a juvenile gecko
  149. Is She a He...?
  150. Possibly getting a Crestie in the future.
  151. Update of Delta!
  152. Tail Injury?
  153. New gecko
  154. Last One! I promise!!!!
  155. Abnormal jaw??
  156. New to all things gecko and a massive worrier!
  157. How tall should a crested gecko's vivarium be?
  158. New Baby.
  159. Start of MBD?
  160. CGD Question
  161. gecko isn't eating as much as she use to?
  162. what morph
  163. Escaped Cresties!
  164. Help with morph and sex plz
  165. When to know when gravid?
  166. Heat light ?
  167. Newbie!
  168. Help with sex
  169. New Gecko Won't Eat!
  170. I Think I Bought A Stupid Gecko...
  171. How often should I feed my crestie
  172. Gecko just passed, worms in poo during autopsy...but was that actually the problem?
  173. Dropped tail video
  174. Baby it's cold outside...
  175. How mature is my buck?
  176. Is this safe for my crested?
  177. How to recover overheated crested gecko after 30-40min on 39 degrees celsius?
  178. Pangea fruit mix with insects.
  179. Is this normal??
  180. Eggs!!!
  181. Perlite-water ratio
  182. Infertile egg?
  183. Un wanted life In my tank!! Please help me
  184. Need Help with Heat!
  185. Cocoa
  186. Plant help!
  187. Deceased Hatchling
  188. Pricing Question
  189. Do you think they'll use it?
  190. Humidity Controller
  191. Crested Gecko Heating?
  192. Pricing Question Part 2
  193. Help with sick gecko!
  194. need help with housing temps for young crested
  195. Developing Egg?
  196. How can I help my new juvenile crestie settle in?
  197. Update on Delta!
  198. When can I move into larger tank?
  199. house mates
  200. 125 gallon vivarium help
  201. my geckos tail fell off :O what do i do?
  202. Substrate help?
  203. PVC Question
  204. Crestie not sticky?
  205. Anticipating move in day
  206. Minimum size for a planted tank?
  207. Crested Gecko Care/Health/Breeding etc.
  208. receiving long awaited geckos next week- suggestions?
  209. How long for a female to develop fertile eggs??
  210. New crested gecko owner here! Got a few questions...
  211. humidity question(s)
  212. Noob here, need help with temperature issues
  213. What crestie morph do I have ?
  214. Vacationing Without Geckos... need ideas
  215. Our new "kids"-pics of our first geckos
  216. Question about the size of my Cresties please
  217. Can a crested gecko terrarium be too big?
  218. Some new Hamburg cresties
  219. Help with lighting for Crested Gecko
  220. New orange girl - what morph ???
  221. New dalmatian from Rhacosaurs Gex
  222. New crested gecko
  223. New plants?
  224. Bad stuck shed
  225. Can't tell if my geckos after eating
  226. Getting new gecko to eat
  227. DIY Crestie tank
  228. My male cresty has lost weight and isn't eating much
  229. Finally!
  230. Spokane area gecko or reptile groups
  231. new girl
  232. New Crested Gecko
  233. Morph help
  234. Help confirming Gemini is a boy?
  235. Can you please double check my set up and care?
  236. so now it is almost been a week
  237. Crickets
  238. Signs of MBD ?
  239. Wood vs glass
  240. Worried about new crestie
  241. Crested Gecko care...
  242. Food orders?
  243. Cost of food monthly
  244. Sexing my crested, Bindy. Need some help!
  245. Homemade waterfall
  246. help with eggs
  247. How many tsp or tbsp should you feed CGD at a time
  248. Which gender makes the best pet?
  249. Female crestie bites other females
  250. Newbie wondering my crestie's morph.