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  1. Crested gecko becoming aggressive? What am I doing wrong?
  2. Is my Crestie healthy?
  3. Is she done laying fertilized eggs?
  4. Male crested geckos burrowing on the substrate?
  5. Help!!
  6. Minimum temp for cresties.....
  7. Crestie is shedding but has mouth open and is filled with dirt?
  8. Crestie not gainig weight
  9. Crested gecko suddenly died.
  10. How often should I clean the enclosure?
  11. Question about a bioactive crested gecko setup
  12. Questions
  13. Crested Gecko terrarium question
  14. First Crestie! Questions/Set-Up/Concerns
  15. Strange behaviour?
  16. Food. Where best to place it??
  17. Finished research into the crested gecko diet
  18. Converting to Bioactive Setups
  19. Idea for a hide
  20. Bugs in Crested Gecko Tank
  21. Dividing 20 high tank
  22. Gecko emergency!
  23. Could I..?
  24. Cheap and easy crested gecko hide
  25. Constantly mouldy food??
  26. Help Determining Crestie Sex
  27. Morph of my Crestie?
  28. Crestie mistaking my finger for food :)
  29. Crested gecko food
  30. Canít figure out gecko morph and feeding help
  31. Crested gecko possible eating problem
  32. New Crested owner needing help!!
  33. Help. I don't know what I just found in my geckos tank.
  34. crested geckoís toe might be falling off?
  35. Misting and ventilation question
  36. Crested gecko not eating on its own
  37. Worried about Crested Gecko after ant swarm and relocation
  38. Gecko Doesn't Like TV
  39. What morph is my crested gecko?
  40. Weigh? Why?
  41. Had to switch baby crestie to temporary tank tonight...
  42. Help Sexing Crested gecko
  43. My Crested Gecko Won't eat CGD
  44. Try to know if its a male or female
  45. Worried About Behavior Change?
  46. I Might Have to Re-home My Crested Gecko
  47. Is this normal?
  48. Crested gecko, urgent help please
  49. my crested gecko dont seem his normal self
  50. Eggs. Now what?
  51. HELP I think my Crestie broke his toe !
  52. New Hatchling Crested Gecko hasnt eaten in 2 days
  53. Please comment on this
  54. Hey Everyone + Breeding
  55. Cohabitation
  56. Crestie eggs past due hatch date?
  57. Eco Earth switch?
  58. New to the forum
  59. How's my set-up?
  60. Is my crestie okay?!
  61. In need of dire help with Crestie
  62. urgent please help!!!
  63. Newbie - Vent Redness: Cause For Concern??
  64. Cresties skin problem
  65. Mold?!
  66. Is she too little? Starting to get worried...
  67. Geckos toe is injured
  68. Something new or not?
  69. A Miracle...
  70. Tornado!
  71. Crested Home Q
  72. Eco earth impaction?
  73. Suggestions and advice on evolving first bio set up
  74. Crested Gecko Eye Problem
  75. Crested gecko eyelash shed problem
  76. I need help and I'm very worried...
  77. Substrate questions
  78. Worriedpetnoob is Worried
  79. Substrate for my new Gecko
  80. Worries of a First Time Owner! Help?
  81. Quarantine First Crested
  82. Striking out of aggression/defense/hunger? Something else?
  83. sad tale and warning
  84. First post! A little about my geckos
  85. Weird spots? Too skinny? Worried about my boy!
  86. Male or Female?
  87. Fertile?
  88. 4 Month Old Crested Gecko only interested in Crickets. Any Advice?
  89. Scared creted gecko with stuck shed!!!
  90. Bea's Progression Thread!
  91. Holliday with my crested gecko ? Good idea or not ?
  92. 2 baby cresties enclosure
  93. Mushroom
  94. Mushroom
  95. Crested Gecko Shaking Head
  96. Newbie Crested Gecko owner
  97. Crested Gecko has weird spots on side? (Soft?)
  98. Dark Spot On Underside
  99. Finally!
  100. Stuck shed on pads of feet?
  101. First Time Crested Owner - Baby
  102. Is natural sunlight beneficial?
  103. Red thing coming out of vent!
  104. Any idea what the offspring of these two would look like?
  105. crested gecko sexing help
  106. "Female" Crested Gecko Developed a Bulge?
  107. Crested Geckos and mites?
  108. 36x18x24 enclosure with waterfall/crestie
  109. 20 Gal for crestie?
  110. Introducing a Crested Gecko Pair,how?
  111. Temperature for Crestie?
  112. Baby crested tank size
  113. cage size
  114. My crested gecko pair now avoiding each other all the time!
  115. Is it okay to never give cresties live food?
  116. New gecko mom
  117. Help!! - Worms???
  118. Female acting strange
  119. Accuracy of Thermometers
  120. What morph is my crested Gecko?
  121. To much space?
  122. Real Food Vs. Fake Powder Diets?
  123. Crested gecko mouth full of eco earth
  124. n00b help: How to interpret humidity readings?
  125. Humidity Help
  126. Help! My Crestie has Cloudy Eyes
  127. Help! My Crestie has Cloudy Eyes
  128. Heating question
  129. My crested gecko won't close his vent.
  130. Getting my first crestie
  131. Crested gecko head "shaking"
  132. New gecko owner; what do you think of my new scaly buddies?
  133. Baby crested gecko not eating help
  134. Hello, from wild... maybe not too wonderful, but certainly WV
  135. I purchased my new crestie
  136. Somewhat New Adult Crestie- Taming Advice?
  137. Any Crested Owners in CT
  138. Reason to be concerned?
  139. Line breeding
  140. How to get the humidity in my crested tank down.
  141. Created Gecko Cararact?
  142. DIY mister
  143. Alacosia polly dying
  144. Gecko aggression ??!
  145. Handling
  146. Crested Gecko Eye issues
  147. Help for undercooled(?) crestie?
  148. Gecko Time: Big Bad Bart
  149. Room might be too cold, heating options?
  150. Something wrong with crested gecko eyes
  151. Juvenile bump on head/eye?
  152. I think I have a little boy..
  153. Handling Crested Gecko?
  154. Juvenile crestie losing weight
  155. Chronic biting behavior?
  156. I need help sexing my crested gecko
  157. Help with morph
  158. Supplementing and feeding.
  159. Enclosure size for 4 cresties?
  160. New Crestie Owner- Temp Question
  161. new member/owner
  162. Chilling near the bottom of the tank?
  163. Name for crested gecko
  164. Help please!!!
  165. Cage size/heat question
  166. New crestie. need help with the morph
  167. Converting a 20 long
  168. looking for name ideas for a male crested gecko
  169. Super skiddish
  170. Sick crestie??
  171. Crested gecko eggs
  172. BREEDING: Crested Gecko son x mother
  173. Can't tell if crested gecko egg bound
  174. Underweight gecko??
  175. Parthenogenetic Crested Gecko Egg?
  176. Drainage layer for bioactive
  177. Help with Sexing
  178. Is my crestie pregnant?
  179. Lost toes?
  180. Just chillin or sick?
  181. Morphe?
  182. How much food is needed?
  183. Crested not eating?
  184. What else should I know before getting my Crested Gecko?
  185. I cant upload pictures of my crestie, plz help!!
  186. Morph ID
  187. Is an 18x18x24 too big for a baby/juvenile?
  188. Look buy new crestie need help
  189. My gecko bites me
  190. Crested Gecko Tips
  191. Trouble with baby gecko
  192. Do female subadult cresties have slightly baggy post vent areas, or is Jojo a male?
  193. Velociraptor on Fire!
  194. Could My Crested Gecko live together with a Long Tailed Lizard?
  195. Crested Gecko's eye cloudiness
  196. Thermostat with Separate Day and Night Settings/Cycle
  197. tail issue of my crested gecko - looks like rotting
  198. crested gecko tank?
  199. What morph is my crestie?
  200. Prolapsed Hemipene
  201. Vet Recommendations and Advice?
  202. Help? My crestie is very unhappy/unfriendly.
  203. Dehydration problems
  204. Do You Give Your Crestie UVB?
  205. Potassium bicarbonate safe for crested geckos?
  206. Gecko with a kinked spine
  207. Is this normal Baby Crestie stuff?
  208. Underweight?
  209. Gecko has stopped eating
  210. Crested geckos might be fighting?
  211. What Morphs are my 2 crested geckos?
  212. Is Houdini okay?
  213. Crazy Gecko
  214. Is it ok my adult crested gecko wont eat bugs?
  215. Conflicting advise.
  216. my gecko never gets angry?
  217. Help! Gecko can't walk - possible MBD?
  218. Babies Dying Quickly No Signs until almost gone.
  219. Panacur Questions
  220. Will he be ok?
  221. Theories on crested gecko agression?
  222. My Very First Reptile
  223. New crestie setup
  224. Curled up foot on a crestie?