View Full Version : Milii breeding questions

01-02-2006, 06:25 PM
I just wanted to make sure I have this down:

1. I introduce the milii

2. 2-3 weeks after breeding, the first eggs will come out.

3. I mix vermiculite and water until i can squeeze it into a ball, and it stays, and no water comes out.

4. I take a tupperware container with no holes in it and place the vermiculite. I then put 2 thumb indents it.

5. I take the eggs out by hand? or with a spoon? and put them in the incubator

6. I leave the eggs in the incubator for ~60 days at 82 F at which time the eggs will hatch

Do I ever need to let the eggs in the tupperware container "breathe"?

Do I need to have a tupperware container with holes, and if so, how many?