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Nathan Hall
01-31-2006, 11:33 PM




01-31-2006, 11:42 PM
Great pics Nathan - magnificient specimen.

01-31-2006, 11:52 PM
Are there geckos you dont have Nathan? If they found a gecko on Mars I am sure Nathan would have a pair in his collection! :shock:

02-01-2006, 12:09 AM
nice Nathan!!

I saw those same ones in person, when i picked up my damaeus :shock: and it was quite a shock to see them

good luck with them!

Nathan Hall
02-01-2006, 12:32 AM
I wouldn't be able to work with many of the amazing geckos in the collection without the help of Scott (TLC) & Alberto (A&M Gecko). We really had no idea that we would have the collections that we have today. I'm currently working with about 50 species here. I'm as enthusiastic, motivated, and dedicated now as I was when I hatched out my first gecko about 16 years ago. I will never take the collection or my relationship with Scott and Alberto for granted. I digress...

02-01-2006, 12:40 AM
After seeing Albertos collection I know what your talking about. Its pretty annoying being in college--i want to add to my (very small) collection, but cant, and it gets frustrating at times :x Did you keep them while in school?

Nathan Hall
02-01-2006, 12:53 AM
I kept them when I was at the University of Texas. I had about 40 or so species back then. I had an aquarium maintenance company in Austin, so I was able to afford many of the species I wanted. If I didn't have the money, I simply traded for other geckos. I didn't have any geckos for the first couple of years at the University of Houston. After a lackluster performance at UT (I partied like a rock star!), I got serious about college and focused on my schoolwork. I really didn't have time for geckos for a couple of years and desperately wanted to earn my degree.

Jan Grathwohl
02-01-2006, 02:46 AM
VERY nice Nathan - wasen't aware of these being in the states :)

02-01-2006, 03:42 AM
Nathan do you guys keep more of them ?
Defently a rare species, the ones who are in germany ( or who have been in germany ) where not that succesfull in breeding.
good luck with it. looks defently good an healthy.

regards stefan

02-01-2006, 04:49 AM

Hows the website going for you guys? I love those pictures! You must keep all us on the forums updated as to your keeping and breeding success. :D :D

02-01-2006, 06:15 AM
Hope you guys have more luck breeding them. :wink:


02-01-2006, 06:23 AM
Hi Nathan,

great shots !!! Wish you all the best for breeding these guys. :D



Ken Bartenfeld
02-01-2006, 09:20 AM
Gorgeous specimens! Glad he got them ;-)

02-01-2006, 11:25 AM
I cross my fingers for a breeding success, Nathan!


02-01-2006, 12:43 PM
Great looking gecko there Nathan!


02-01-2006, 03:56 PM
Good luck with breeding this beauties Nathan, hope they could be available in the near future .


02-01-2006, 06:50 PM
I remember asking about these guys a while back and nobody had ever seen them especially here in the states. What a great addition. Getting these guys probably made getting naultinus like going to the local herp shop! :lol:

02-04-2006, 10:34 AM
GREAT pics Nathan....I had no idea !!!!!!!!!

02-04-2006, 11:29 AM
Awesome geckos Nathan!