View Full Version : protected species / permits / law

05-06-2006, 04:15 AM
I want to start by saying I do not keep anything illegally or do things illegal for that matter.
There are many geckos species that are protected with no captive programs available for them. They are not legal to collect or/and not legal to keep.
I really want to keep those species more than anything for good reasons and not to have the rare or as a trophy. There are a few in mind, and I do not see zoos working with them and I see the habitat shrinking in some instances.

My question is how do you go about obtaining breeding permits for local species and for species in other countries? Any other information and feelings on the subject would be greatly appreciated.

05-06-2006, 05:22 AM
I think what you should do is call your P&W dept and find someone to talk to about it. If you really want to be involved in conservation, the best way to do it is to try to get P&W behind you. If you can make an ally there, you can get help gettting the proper licenses and permits to capture, keep, and breed these species. If there aren't any projects under way with the species you have in mind, you may be able to start a project. Another good ally would be a zoo. The people who work at P&W and zoos are people like us: people who are interested enough in these animals to make it their living.

Call them as a volunteer and you should at least get their attention long enough to find out if anyone there can help you.