View Full Version : Advice please.

07-25-2006, 07:15 PM
For those of you that have Mt Kogis dark form, can you tell me if they are always very dark? The reason I am asking is our boy Gandalf has always been dark no matter what time of day or night is was, as some of you may know he has always been a poor feeder ( he was fully grown when we got him) and recently someone suggested his viv had to many things in it, and he would feed better with less things in there, so the other day me and my daughter took him out and gave his viv a good clean when we had finished we took some of the wood and leaves out, and put him back in.Since then he is a paler colour ( olive sort of) during the day, going dark at night, my question is does this mean he is stressed out or is he happier now, as he has always been dark I'm not sure if he was happier before or after we changed his viv.