View Full Version : xanthism possibly co-dominant

Living Earth
01-29-2007, 03:18 PM
I introduced some wild-caught females into my xanthic pictus breeders to add some new blood to my het. females. Surprisingly out of the first clutch of eggs from one of the new w.c. females that was bred to one of my xanthic males turned out an xanthic baby. I first thought that maybe I mixed up the eggs but the same female has since produced a second xanthic baby. I was wondering if any one else has experienced a similar situation which might indicate xanthism as being a co-dominant gene. I personally beleive that this particular female is just a w.c. carrier of the xanthic gene since the first xanthics had to stem from w.c. lineage anyways. The 2 babies produced are growing twice as fast as my other xanthic babies so either way this female seems to have added some strong genes to my xanthic breeders. Any input from other pictus breeders on this topic would be greatly appreciated.