View Full Version : Herpbreeder.com - new version soon to be launched

Jan Grathwohl
04-11-2007, 04:10 AM

Hope its okay that i use this subforum for this request

At the moment we are working hard on the new and very extended interactive version of Herpbreeder.com - this new version should hopefully be launched in summer 2007.

In the new version it will be possible to register as a contributor and fill in information on species, add citations, add pictures etc. The site is non profit, so based on volunteer work.

At the moment we have added approx 4200 pictures of herps for the new version, but we still search lots of pictures from around the world. Therefore i use this opportunity to ask you to help with this

We are looking for pictures of ALL species of herps, but we have a few small "rules" for these, which fit very well to this forums users.

1. They should as far as possible show the whole animal, or specific characters/behaviors of the species (ventral, eggs, headshot, larvae, matings etc).
2. Should as far as possible be taken in naturalistic settings, we are not that interested in showing species on newspaper, being handled or sitting on plastic. Of course - if the species is only possible to illustrate in this way, its okay, but we would like to show them naturalistic. But pictures of geckos taken sitting on branches, sand or other backgrounds will do fine.
3. The pictures should of course be copyrighted by you - we don't want pictures taken by people who haven't given permission for us to use (the name of the contributor is listed below each picture on the site).

Hope that some of you can help and invite you to take a look at the prelaunch version of the new edition, which you can find at www.herpbreeder.com/index2.php (you can already now register as a user, and opload pictures)

We have lots of pictures of geckos by great photographers like David Fischer (moloch), Jon Boone and Paddy Ryan, but we still need lots of photos - and each species can use more than one photo when ever possible. We especially need pictures of genera like Phelsuma, Cyrtodactylus, Tarentola, Hemidactylus, Gehyra, Nephrurus, Lygodactylus, Tropiocolotes, Goniurosaurus etc. But please take a look :)

We also heavily lack describtions for gecko-species :)

Thanx a lot in advance for all your help :)