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06-17-2007, 12:54 PM

Well I was packing up more cage decoratins that didn't really have to be in there so I don't have so much to do the night before I move.

Anyways in the Eurydactalodes cages I have a small potted ficus tree with smaller river rocks ontop the soil to discourage the females from laying eggs in there and to make them use the nest box.

Anyway I was taking the stuff out of the cage and started to take the rocks out and put them in a baggy, well in this one patch under the rocks, near the base of the ficus tree I find 2 good eggs:) So I carefully take out that clutch only to find under a thin layer of peat moss, another clutch of eggs :)

I have been going nutz with this pair as they breed all the time, but I never found any eggs so I am happy now to know that they are laying.

The eggs look good too, not dehydrated or moldy or anything so I think all 4 should hatch fine :D I think its amazing how the females know exactly where to lay there eggs so they will be fine, I am also amazed at how such a tiny little gecko can move so big of rocks (I always knew they were strong for there size but dang)

Anyways I am happy, and just thought I would share So now I have 8 eggs incubating!!

Thanks Derek

06-17-2007, 03:46 PM
Great find! :)

This is the first year I have good eggs from agricolae (last year she only laid a few bad ones) and I noticed that my female has laid each of the three clutches in a different spot.
First in the flower pot, the second in the box I gave her for egg laying and she just laid the third one (only one big egg) in the shallow substrate on the bottom, between the cork branch and the flower pot.
I wonder, if she's going to lay the next one in a different spot too.