View Full Version : Any gekko dating services?

Cave Gekkonem
07-31-2007, 02:08 AM
My big male Tokay frequently likes to inform me that he would like a mate, and I would really like to get babies from this one-- he's healthy, colorful (on good days, and when I'm not playing Smashing Pumpkins), and very mellow for a random pet store purchase who has never been handled. I haven't really tried picking him up (I just trick him into a box for carry), but, testing him with a glove, I've only had him snap a bit (rather than deliver a full bite), and that's after poking him in the head for a while. With cage cleaning, &c., he just moves out of the way, and usually doesn't even puff up if you brush against him. (The first time I gave him a pinky, it squeaked, and he bit and hid from it. He's better now :wink: )

So anyway, considering the big guy is a bit of a softy, is there a safe way to introduce him to a couple ladies? My chief concerns are that 1) an aggressive female might hurt him, and 2) any new additions to the cage may not be so easy to care for.

Should I be worried about a young female Tokay beating up my 10yr + male? And/or are there any good sources you all know of for hand-raised, less-aggressive Tokays?

07-31-2007, 09:59 PM
Sounds like you have a pretty "tame" male, that is pretty rare for a tokay. Now as for adding a female, I would take the male out redo the setup of the cage and then add a male and female at the same time. I wouldnt worry about the male getting beat up buy the female. Sounds like your male is pretty comfortable in his cage and could get very territorial with a new "person" in there. So if you redo the cage and add the female and male at the same time he will be out of his element and wont try to her off from his territory and they should settle in very nice together.