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10-27-2007, 06:27 PM
Tokay Gecko
(Gekko Gecko)

General Information
Tokay Geckos can be found in India, Bangladesh, Southern China and Southeast Asia. They have been introduced to Hawaii and Florida, because of importation for the pet trade.
Tokays make a very neat display animal, they are however a very poor choice for someone who wants a gecko they can handle. Tokays are known as the “Pitt Bull” of geckos and rightfully so. They are very territorial and do not tolerate anyone getting in their territory.

You can house hatchlings to about 6 month old tokay in a 10 gallon tank just fine. As they get bigger you will need something bigger to house them in. A 20tall will do just fine for one adult, but that is the absolute smallest you would want to go. With Tokays the height of the enclosure is more important that the floor space. A 18x18x24 can house a pair nicely but a 40 tall or even a 75 gall stood on end would be better.

There different types of substrates you can use for a Tokay, newspaper and paper towels are cheap and easy to clean out the cage. You can also go with a more naturalistic look with 50/50 mix of peat moss and sand. You will want to add a layer of rocks on the bottom of the cage and add the peat moss and sand mix right on top of it. The rocks are for drainage so they soil does not stay to moist for the plants. Snake plants and Philodendron are two popular choices for a naturalistic vivarium

Tokays need plenty of places to hide during the day. Large Vertical pieces of cork bark, bamboo or driftwood are ideal pieces of furniture for them to climb and hide on. They do not usually like to come to the ground but to drink and find food.

Temperatures and Humidity and Lighting
Temperatures of around 78-87 are ideal during the day and let them drop down to 65-75 at night. Tokays do not need any sort of special UV lights they are a nocturnal and do not require UV lighting. You should mist down the cage at least 1-2 times a day to help keep the humidity around 60-80% Also when you mist that is where they will get their drinking water. A well planted vivarium will also help keep up the humidity. Paper towels and newspapers are poor choices to keep the humidity up and will require more misting.

Crickets and Roaches are a good choice for a Tokays primary diet. You should dust the food with calcium every to every other feeding for a young tokay because they are need the nutrients to grow, 2-3 times a week should be sufficient for a healthy adult.