View Full Version : found this little Gekko at work need some advice

11-13-2007, 08:45 PM
I work at a pet store (a quality one i might add) and monday morning while cleaning, i found a baby tokay underneath a candy dispenser of all things. i instantly recognized what he was, so i scooped him up and put him in a container. we have a tokay that escaped somehow about for years ago, and now he lives behind the aquariums where its the warmest. he comes out at night and picks off crickets and the occasional feeder mice that get out. he is the only one we know of, and we have not carried tokays since he escaped. but somehow, someway we have now found a total of two baby tokays in the last 3 days. the one i found is about two inches long, and not very thick. he doesent look sick or ribby, i think he is just extremely young. i set him up in a ten gallon for now, with douglas fur bark, some plastic jungle leaves covering the back panel, a shallow water dish, a bark cave, and couldnt resist an exo-terra waterfall, i am using a 60W heat lamp for temperature control (my room can get kinda chilly sometimes) because i know he isnt gonna use it for basking being nocturnal and all. and i am also using a 45 watt moonlight bulb for the night. so i guess my questions are, how big are newborns usually? will he actually use the water fall for drinking? (there is a pic of a tokay on the front of the box) or am i deff. gonna have to use a mister too? and is the enclosure i described suitable for now? i have leopards, but they are two totally opposite creatures in terms of needs. oh and also, is zilla tropical mist suitable? i know if i mist his tank he will lap up the drops from the leaves and glass. its basically b-12 water, with some other nutrients in it. thanks for any help. sorry for the length.

11-13-2007, 10:09 PM
Sound like you have him setup just find and it does sound like a very young hatchling. Here is a link to a care sheet I wrote that should help you out a bunch http://www.geckosunlimited.com/community/gecko-care-sheets/26800-tokay-gecko-gekko-gecko.html. The tokay should drink out or the water fall especially if the water is moving....and tokays actually do bask if you give them a basking spot.