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12-21-2007, 09:14 AM
I figure, ya gotta start sometime! He seems calm at this point. Actually, he will jump into the palm of my hand when I hold it in front of him. Hope you like the pics!
How long will it take him to reach sexual maturity?

12-21-2007, 12:23 PM
Nice job. That tokay is just a baby. It will be a year or 2 before fully grown. Keep up the handling and you will have a tame tokay. But if you slack on handling, it will most likely become aggressive towards you.

12-22-2007, 01:39 PM
No one really knows how long it takes for tokays to sexually mature. I know a few people trying to figure it out. But they are still working with young animals. Males SHOULD sexually mature between 1 to 1 1/2 and females around 2.

12-22-2007, 04:57 PM
Oh, every tokay breeder knows that...or at least should.

Males do mature quite early. I had one male successfully fertilizing a clutch at the age of 7 months, but typically they are sexually mature at the age of around 1 year. Even thats long before they are fully grown.
Females typically can produce first eggs between their month 15 and 24. Some do not bond easily and thus it can take 2 years till they produce first fertile clutches.
Actual timelines of course depend on the conditions the animals are raised in.
A tokay typically almost reaches its full length within 12 to 15 months. But than it has only about half or less the weight of a full adult. This state is reached somewhen in the later months of its second year. Of course they still can gain weight after that....


12-22-2007, 08:47 PM
Thanks to all,

12-23-2007, 12:21 AM
It will be awesome when you have a full grown adult tokay that is hand tame!