View Full Version : Gekko vittatus (skunk gecko)

01-26-2008, 12:09 AM
does anyone have this kind of gecko? i saw one in a pet store or a reasonable price and it looked very healthy. i have read a lil about them online and have found out they r new to the gecko wrold(kinda) and i want some real owner info. if anyone has any info they can give me about skunk or white-line geckos that would be awesome. thank you

01-26-2008, 07:40 AM
I have a pair of those.
They are hardy but often wild-caught ,so you must quickly after buying take them to a vet for a fecal sample analysis,to check for parasites. Imports always come stressed and dehydrated,make sure they have a shallow dish of clean water available at all times.
They are quite shy and shun human presence,they are only active at night.You MUST be present every evening to spray their viv with a hand bottle filled with spring water just after the lights in their viv are turned off.
Those guys need space ,preferrably a vertical glass viv ,2'x1 1/2'x2' is a minimum for a pair.
I use coconut mould (not chips!!!) as a substrate,kept constantly slightly moist,a 2 inches deep layer is allright.
They don't need UVB as they are nocturnal,but if you can afford it,5.0 hagen bulbs cannot harm.
Temps should stay in the low to mid 70s during the night and 80-82F during the day,with a basking spot under the lamp around 90F. They like it when it's permanently warm and with a high air humidity,which can go down during the day.
Potted plants like bromeliads and pothos will make great hides.
Place some branches (fruit tree branches are ok,some other branches especially from pines may be toxic) or bamboo canes vertically ,and offer them plenty of hides :cork bark oak pieces,empty coconut shells above floor surface...
You can use a halogen 40 or 60W spot for the basking spot and a 25W heating cable connected to a stat .
The substrate should be a little moist but never soaked.Adding a bit of turf will help preventing mould from growing.Your viv must have adequate ventilation and no water should condensate on the glass panes.
Feed adults every 3 days with XL (bigger) sized crickets,small roaches,superworms,some even accept an occasional live baby mouse.They also love fruit,banana,apricot or peach-based baby food in a lid left in the viv is great.A shallow dish with powdered calcium should be present at any time.Use Miner-All I or similar preparations to dust the insects every other feeding and there you go!

01-26-2008, 03:22 PM
thank you very much but i belive i am goin to get a crested instead. skunk geckos will be my next one though. and thanks for your info. it is better than any care sheet online