View Full Version : White lined/Skunk - any idea how old?

02-25-2008, 01:50 PM
here is a photo of my only female. I obtained her with two other lizards (as you may have read in another post of mine) Someone was kind enough to confirm she is in fact a white line...
However, anyone got any idea how old she is?
Can anyone explain why she has lived for more than the 6 weeks I have had her, with a Cham and an anole and stayed secluded to the bottom portion of our terrarium... she has stayed in one spot for the most part, only moving around when the door opens in her many attempts at suicide/getaway! She is very friendly, appears to enjoy being held (very rarely do we hold her) anyway has shown no attempt to bite or any agression... we put a warm mist humidifier in her cage (with the others) and last night she climbed right to the very top right over the humidifier and is sitting out in the basking light now... I thought they were nocturnal?

Oh yeah, does she look healthy to you guys?

Sorry I have so many questions - New reptile fan here - I hope I dont work too many of you Pro's nerves!

02-25-2008, 02:42 PM
Of course she is extrmely stressed by the presence of the inappropriate cagemates and that makes her stay on the bottom and at one place and behave seemingly tame.
On the long run such a setup can stress her to death.
She belongs toi the more recently imported morph with les pronounced markings and is at least 2 years old.
She needs a tall rainforest setup, which very lilely is also not compatible with the anoles and the chameleons climatic needs (BTW, depending on the species, the chameleon will sooner or later eat the anole). Also she needs lots of secure vertical hidings and branches of at least the diamter of her body.