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04-23-2009, 02:34 PM
The proponents of this bill of this bill proved today, April 23, 2009 exactly what they wish to do. The very fact that they continue to mislead and outright lie about the consequences that would surly result if this bill passed as written, is proof of what their ultimate agenda is. They are working hand in hand with the special interest groups that paid for their elections and who continue to fund their re-elections. They have stacked the deck with like minded idealogs whose best examples of invasive species were either brought in directly by the government or were accidental passengers on ship hulls and the like. These previous invaders would have zero regard for any law that might be passed. The fact is the pet industry is not the enemy but we are in the sites of those who just can’t stand the fact that we “humans” own and care for other “species”.

The fight goes on and the need for us all to be unified behind the most effective grass roots organization is of paramount importance. That organization is of course USARK which is not fractured or vulnerable to compromise that could sacrifice smaller portions of supporters in favor of the larger group. The same cannot be said for others who represent the interests of a wide range of others in the pet industry. USARK is in the fight directly and wholly to save our businesses and hobby while not working behind the scenes to compromise with measures that could in effect shut down portions of our industry. Such as the advocacy of a permitting process, which others have already endorsed, that would mean the death of entire groups of the Reptile industry. Our loyalties are to the Reptile industry and hobby alone. As such, USARK is the standard bearer and clear choice for all those whose primary concern is the impact that this legislation could have upon Reptiles.

The grass roots base that USARK has built, has delivered the most effective blitz of written letter communication with the members of the sub committee, charged with considering HR669. The impact of this is unprecedented and undeniable. The fact is the 49,229 paper letters that people signed, and Tom Wolfe, the USARK Lobbyist hand delivered, is exactly what let the opposition know they would be able to just walk all over us. We saw this morning that they now know this is NOT going to happen. This fight costs money that people like me, and many others who have taken this seriously, have been putting up to fund USARK thus far. The efforts of USARK can be even larger than it has been to this point and this need is something that every single one of us must participate in.

USARK has earned your allegiance and needs not only your moral support but you financial support. If you have not joined yet, do it today. We will all need to be vigilant and continue to do letter writing campaigns when called upon. Phone in campaigns when required, and yes perhaps direct appeals will be made in the future, like this one, to ask for additional funds to pay for the behind the scenes efforts that are necessary to make the greatest impact possible. This is your fight and YOUR business AND YOUR responsibility.

Since this is a personal message from me, I would like to personally say thank you to each and every one that has already participated at whatever level. I appreciate this very much and look forward to the time in the not too distant future that we will all breath a sigh of relief. This will happen! The more participation we have both financially and with boots on the ground, the sooner this will be possible.

04-23-2009, 03:44 PM
So was the vill voted on today ?