View Full Version : gut-loading fruit flies (drosophila)?

06-12-2009, 12:32 AM
I'm thinking about starting some fruit fly cultures since my Lygodactylus seem to like them better than pinheads, which are quite hard to get anyways. I've read some great posts about how to culture fruit flies, but I didn't see much on gut loading, which people seem to stress when feeding crickets. So, how do you ensure your herps are getting the nutrients they need when culturing flies off potato flakes and yeast etc? Thoughts anyone?


07-10-2009, 09:53 AM
I believe the popular answer to this question is that it is not truly possible to gutload the flies (with calcium).

You can try various active yeasts used by brewers; the difference in nutrient intake will be small but different none the less.

The best option for gutloading D.hydei or D. melanogaster is not so much in the flies but the larvae.

Mixing calcium and/or vitamin powder into the media will do the job.

The trick here is to culture the larvae in smaller containers like 2 or 3oz sauce cups with 1/8" holes punched around and just below the container rim.

This small uncovered container filled with your media can be placed into a larger 32oz fruit fly cup that contains no media.

Add your fly of choice and allow the media to become seeded with eggs.

Feed off the flies.

Remove the smaller container, lid it, and place the whole thing in the enclosure.

The larvae will exit the holes looking for a place to pupate, vola, instant feeding station.

Maurice Pudlo