View Full Version : Enclosure ideas, and tokay combatibility question

06-16-2009, 11:48 AM
I want to use a 65 gallon reptarium for my tokay, I understand that they need high humidity, and i plan on using a automatic mist system, and coco fiber for my substrate. Using those, do you think the reptarium will be okay? And can you house tokays will other similar sized geckos, and if so, which kinds?

-thank you for the help


06-17-2009, 01:12 AM

Do nor overrate humifity with tokays. They can adapt to quite a range -as they do in the wild. Only if you see shedding problems, you have to raise humidity. But to experience that, you need to have it very dry. Typically any semi humid to humid envirionment works out fine if well structured according to a tokays needs. Sizewise a 65 g is quite nice, but the mesh of the reptarium is far from being a preferred climbing surface for the tokays. Since they prefer to sit and run on the walls of their enclosure, a reptarium is not the best choice.
When it comes to cagemates, I recommend not to try to mix tokays with other geckos. At least not in that setup. In large tanks, they can get along well with large Phelsuma if the tank is intelligently structured, but you are on the safer side if you combine them with large toads, Angle head dragons, MHDs, Basilisks or water dragons.
However, I would not recommend to mix tokays with any other species in any enclosure smaller than 300g. And of course, 300g ist still too small for housing adult WDs or basilisks.

Hope that helps