View Full Version : smithi, "rock" geckos and tokay's

12-29-2009, 03:46 PM
hello all,
i've got a question.

is there anyone who can explain me the difference and the relation of smithi, "rock" geckos , green eyed and tokay's????
the real rock gecko's seem to have different feed than the others.
are they all related to each other.
it seems like they do have the same roots?

12-30-2009, 12:04 AM
Hi Jeff
They are all Gekko species but they can all be separated by the tubercular rows but Gekko gecko overlaps in territory to the true green eyed gecko (gekko smithi) which is found on smaller islands compard to the Gekko taylori which are found in Thailand i believe and where thought to be green eyed but recently reclassified due the large variation in tubercular scales that's why it's so difficult to get a Gekko smithi due natural hybridisation between Gekko gecko if collected from the correct island that's why the large variation between true green eyed cos some have Gekko gecko in them and most are collected from Thailand and get labelled as Gekko smithi but are in fact Gekko taylori that's why it can be so confusing to tell apart the different sp.
Hope this helps and if anyone would like to add then great or just tell different then great also.
Best Regards