View Full Version : Hard leopard gecko eggs??

03-11-2010, 02:01 PM
Right so my leopard gecko is pregnant. What is it, is that i have noticed very hard lumps where her eggs are. is it normal for the eggs to be that hard??
Only one is though, I can't really feel the other one.
My other gecko didn't have a hard tummy when she was gravid.
She did have a tiny bit of impaction, but that has passed. I did soak her for a bit and rub her tummy gently, could that be it? Also, the other day, i rubbed her tummy a bit and when i put her back in the tank i saw the egg kind of drop in her stomach.
Have I caused her to bind?
I am really not sure. Even though her egg did look as if it dropped, and is still now sticking out of her side a bit, she won't go in her damp box at all.
I am a bit worried because I heard that binding is almost always fatal.
Any suggestions would be great.