View Full Version : WooHooo U. Milli eggs cooking

Jungle Jewels
03-27-2010, 03:14 PM
Hi Everyone !
Just thought i'd drop a note, our first clutch of the season of U.Milli eggs are in the 'Bator cookin as we speak, :banana: she dropped 3 days ago, and our other young lady is also gravid, pea size eggs in her right now, our N. Levis just out of cooling last week so (keeping fingers crossed) in a few weeks we should have some Levis eggs soon too.
anyway wishing you all a great breeding season too, and please keep in mind we love to do trades to keep a good spread of bloodlines in the colony, we are always vending at white plains Ny and most northeastern shows, so no shipping charges if we hook up at a show :banana: