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09-23-2010, 05:58 PM
I'm posting this true story for a friend who's having a LOT of trouble with her town about being able to keep her herps. PLEASE spread the word!!


Just a warning to anyone contemplating moving to North Carolina. Stay out of Mooresville. They've made it VERY plain they don't want reptiles in their town.
After decades of dedication, all the hard work was for nothing. Now, my husband is gone, my vehicle is gone, and because of cowardly neurotic nut jobs that don't have the juevos to talk to me, my animals will be gone.

We moved here 4 months ago because after raising 4 children and working for years in physically and emotionally demanding jobs (we were body wranglers for the ME's office) our youngest finally graduated high school. We had saved as much as we could and decided when she graduated, we were going to move to NC to start our reptile center in a state that was SUPPOSED to be one of the most reptile-friendly in the US.

WRONG!! Maybe the STATE laws are good, but as for Iredell County and the Town of Mooresville, they are making crap up as they go!

The continuing list:
1. You need a second set of locks on the Vision cages (that would be 2 showcase locks on each cage that houses a red tail boa)

2. Any constrictor will need to have a second locking system on the cage. (The law- not only State, but County- clearly states only the big 5 need these locking systems and its only 1, not 2 locks.)

3. Totes on a rack system are not considered approved housing for any constrictor snakes, even baby ball pythons. They must be in a secured enclosure with 2 locking mechanisms, either combination or key.

4. The 4 foot long Savannah Monitor that just walked in front of the Animal Control Officer is fine. He doesn't need locks on his cage. Heck! He doesn't even need a cage!

5. I must have an approved Plan of Action in plain view at all times, along with a copy to be transported with any animal that leaves the premises AND a copy submitted to Iredell County to be APPROVED and kept on file. (Something that the law states is ONLY required for the Big 5 and venomous)

6. I must turn in yearly inventory of my animals. Complete species list of what I have, whats been brought in, whats gone out. To do this, they supplied me with a form that clearly states FOR NATIVE REPTILES AND AMPHIBIANS ONLY. I don't have any native species. The law says to fill out the form for natives species, yet I have none, but they want it filled out... I'm confused!

I've jump through every hoop I can. I've done what it takes to comply with their demands.

Now, even though I make no money from these animals, at all, I get the phone call yesterday from Town Hall's Zoning and Planning Dept. Because I have a website and a phone number, I have to get a home occupation license and a business license.

So the website has been changed. The animals will be sold or rehomed (with the exception of 3 of them). There will be no more get togethers, events, free workshops, rescue assistance, troubleshooting, etc.
Thanks to the ignorant old bitties of Mooresville and the politicians that bend over to kiss their butts, children will hear the term "Herpetology" and think its the study of venereal diseases.

I have arthritis, MS and a heart condition. These animals are the one thing that has kept me going. This is the killing blow. I'm too weary to fight anymore. I can't defeat an ignorant, angry mob.

~SnakeLady out

The rest of the story is at the following link!!

Even if it's just to give her moral support!!

Thank you.

Riverside Reptiles
10-12-2010, 10:13 AM
That sucks for your friend. But it's always important to do your research prior to making a plan to move somewhere and open a business of any kind. My county laws are VERY strict about reptile ownership. However, we have no leash laws...so dogs are allowed to just roam at will! Go figure. I just try to stay low key and under the radar. We only have one animal control officer for the entire county. So it's not like he's going to show up here kicking in the door to get to my geckos.