View Full Version : Viper Geckos Coming Soon!!!

11-19-2010, 12:24 AM
I have recently acquired 3 pairs of Viper Geckos. They should be of breeding age and size at the end of December which is when i will pair them up. I want to keep this a small breeding project and not become overrun with eggs/hatchlings.

I am posting this early to get an idea if anyone is interested in purchasing any when they hatch (they will be in my care for at least a month to ensure stability).

Please PM me if you'd like to purchase any and i will put you on a list. It is first come first serve. When the eggs begin hatching i will inform you. (also include your email address) Tell me how many your interested in.

As far as prices, they are undecided. If you are interested, when you send the PM tell me what you think is a fair price.

-Chris Roberts