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08-26-2011, 09:06 PM
We're smack in the middle of the Hurricane's path, so we figured we'd make the best of it. :)


Assuming our store isn't washed away over the weekend, all orders over $20 that include at least 1 plant will include an additional $5 worth of plants 100% free! Orders over $50 get a whopping $15 worth of free plants! All plants will be individually wrapped and labeled, and will be of extremely high quality. If you'd like, let us know what species of animal you are working with in your order comments (or in an email), and we'll pull appropriate plants for you.

To clarify - You do not need to buy $20/$50 worth of plants to get this deal. So long as you have some type of plant on your order, and your order is over the above amounts (not including shipping) - you are eligible for the hurricane sale.
(Example: $18 worth of supplies + $2 worth of plants = Eligible!)

Even better - Just about ALL orders over $50 will ship free this weekend only! The only exceptions to the sale are extremely heavy & bulky items. (Substrates, etc) Otherwise - everything is fair game!

Kate & I will keep everyone on the East coast in our thoughts as we all deal with Hurricane Irene! :-) Good Luck!


Tons of Bromeliads available:

http://www.neherpetoculture.com/images/junenight1.jpg http://www.neherpetoculture.com/images/olensnew2sm.jpg http://www.neherpetoculture.com/images/nblushingtiger1sm.JPG
http://www.neherpetoculture.com/images/echo1.jpg http://www.neherpetoculture.com/images/echo2.jpg http://www.neherpetoculture.com/images/bornoffire1.jpg

All of those are on sale & available in our Bromeliads & Specials Submenu (http://www.neherpetoculture.com/bromsandspecials.htm)
We've also got some of our "usuals" available in our Bromeliad Section (http://www.neherpetoculture.com/neoregelias.htm).


We've revamped our Glass Terrarium Menu (http://www.neherpetoculture.com/terrariums.htm) with some new stuff & lower prices that INCLUDE shipping. (No surprise shipping fees!)


Exo Terra Habitat Kits are available online (these are new for the site) and are on sale. These are the kits that include a whole bunch of stuff - and their prices INCLUDE shipping anywhere in the continental USA. :)

http://www.neherpetoculture.com/images/zoomednatterrarium2.JPG http://www.neherpetoculture.com/images/zoomednatterrarium.JPG

Zoo Med Terrariums are available and also have shipping worked into the price. 12x12x12 = $49.99 SHIPPED // 12x12x18 = $69.99 SHIPPED
Just about everything will ship FREE with those (even without this week's shipping sale!) so keep that in mind. :)


We've also got the Zilla kits available online now for as low as $69.99 SHIPPED. :)



MITE PAPER (perfect for fruit fly cultures) is officially available now. Completely new to us as of last week. Stuff works well too - and we've got the nice white color in stock & ready to go.


I figure I should stop, since this is the longest sale thread in history... :p Lets keep it simple.

New England Herpetoculture - Home (http://www.neherpetoculture.com/index.htm)

New England Herpetoculture - Sale Stuff (http://www.neherpetoculture.com/saleitems.htm)

New England Herpetoculture - New Stuff (http://www.neherpetoculture.com/misc.htm)


If I misspelled anything or if I'm babbling - I apologize. I've worked 70 hours so far this week, and I've been at this computer since 8AM. (YES I STILL LOVE MY JOB!) :D

Thanks again to EVERYONE who's been so loyal to us lately. I can't tell you how much Kate and I appreciate your business. THANK YOU!
If there's ever anything we can do for you, or if you have any suggestions - Please let us know (http://www.neherpetoculture.com/contact.htm)! :)


PS - On a technical note... If you don't see the sale notice & new stuff - hit refresh. The update has only been live for a few minutes!