View Full Version : MistKing Anaheim Bust!

09-02-2011, 10:20 AM
We promised to some of you that we will make it to Anaheim for the NARBC expo (http://www.narbc.com/pages/anaheim.htm). I feel terrible for bailing out of this one, so I figured I'll make up for it with a Free Shipping coupon. If you're coming to the show LLL Reptile should have some systems that are ready for show or in-store pick up. You may want to contact them to make sure.

MistingDepot.com (http://www.MistingDepot.com) will have free shipping this weekend as well $150+ (Fast Way to pick up Ultimate System or some accessories. They ship out of Texas so you'll get your order very fast!)

At MistKing.com (http://www.MistKing.com) we will do free shipping too in case anyone was set on getting a starter system.

http://www.mistking.com/images/FreeShippingTG2.png (http://www.MistKing.com)