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12-19-2011, 03:36 PM
I change in Hamm a Pair from these Geckos. My Problem is they are very very shy ,and they eat not good? I,ll keep them seperatly.I,ll give them Crickets , Waxworms , Fruits ,Fruitpurree ect. But I dont can see that they eat anything?I,ll keep them three Month.
Is there anything who can give me a Tipp?
Best Regards Mike

12-19-2011, 04:13 PM
Hi Mike, welcome to the forum. I don't have any trachycephalus so I'm probably not the best at giving advise on this species. Debbie has a few, so hopefully she will log in soon & be able to give you some advise. Here is a link to her web-site that gives some information on their care/diet .:: The Gex Files ::. (http://www.the-gex-files.nl/indexeng.php?pagina=pages/trachycephalus_eng)

12-20-2011, 05:11 PM
Hi Mike,
Nice to hear you've got a pair of trachycephalus. If they are still young, it's best to keep them together in stead of separate. They also seem to be more compatible for breeding when kept together from a young age.
If they already are adults, just try to pair them up, but be careful.
What did they eat at the previous owner? We give ours Repashy CGD, fresh fruit and yogurt and occasionally a cricket and/or ****roaches, but those are hardly ever eaten.
Just let them be, they are very shy when they are younger and some will calm down when adult, but some just never calm down.
If you have more questions, just send us a PM.

12-29-2011, 09:06 AM
Trachyrhynchus use to be a shy and nervous geckos first, most in their first year of live... So, step by step for a long time... you can get and handle them to try they be more sociable with you... I keep a very sociable adult pair now a days... Always I try to stay in calm when Iīm going to caugth them... And I use to give them any "sweet food" like honey, polen etc... You can see a example video of one of my juvies 2011:

Rhacodactylus trachychynchus (New Caledonian Rough-Snouted Gecko). Gecko de hocico rugoso. - YouTube (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hBf9A3k5cfI&feature=plcp&context=C367ea9bUDOEgsToPDskLQj9Yqq74IqUA9WW1lLrzM )

About they donīt eat... Donīt worry, stay calm, let them in peace, give them food twice a week (they need to be humgry) in the nigth (whem they wake up and be alert) and few steps more...

Take it easy, they dont accept so much estress in their lives... Good Luck!

01-23-2012, 04:46 PM
Hi Guys.
Thanks for your Answers! In the Moment I,ll be Happy ,they eat better,it,s right they only eat when they are Hungry,one or two Times a Week.And in the Night I,ll can see these shy Guys.
Thank you and Regards Mike.