View Full Version : Opinion on the ads

01-08-2012, 09:18 PM
My opinion on the ads is: Its one thing to have ads on things, especially herp supplies, etc., but all these "singles in the area" and some others I've run across even go against one rule on this forum(Nothing sexually oriented!). One ad for "singles" had half dressed women on it:cry: fairly disapointed that the site would allow those ads:cry:

Riverside Reptiles
01-09-2012, 02:38 PM
Unfortunately this site costs a lot of money to keep running. So having google ads helps pay the bills and keep us going. The ads are placed by google and are based on your particular web surfing habits via cookies. If you're seeing those ads, it's because google, for whatever reason, thinks that's what you have an interest in. We as a forum have no control over what google shows you.

On the bright side, if you become a Forum Supporter, you won't see any of those ads (it's one of the benefits) and you'll be helping us keep the forums running instead of google.

One more note, I've NEVER seen ANYTHING even remotely "sexually oriented" in the google ads. Google does not allow such things. If you do happen to see something like that, you might want to report it to google.