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02-18-2012, 11:34 AM
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Good Morning All!

I have good news to report. It appears all my Leos have settled in and are gaining weight. Although the original two that I purchased from Petco are not gaining; neither, are they losing and they look somewhat better than previously. Also I am convinced my original weigh-in of my two Juveniles was in error, so here is the latest weight-ins:

CHLOE (F) = 29g to 28g [this could be an allowed scale variance of +/-1 gram]
NELLY (F) = 26g to 27g [this could be an allowed scale variance of +/-1 gram]
AYLA (F) = 40G up to 44g [definite gain]
JONDOLAR (M) = 47g up to 52g [definite gain]
SHORT TAIL (F) = 30g up to 32g [definite gain]. Could be her new tail coming in as it is growing faster now, but she looks hale and healthy.
MISS PIGGY (F) = 34g up to 38g [definite gain], she will eat a cheeseburger if you throw it in there!!
JUVENILE #1 = 23 down to 19 [this is why I believe the first reading was off, as this juvie looks hale and healthy].
JUVENILE #2 = 23 down to 16 [this is why I believe the first reading was off, as this juvie also looks hale and healthy]. The next set of reading will tell the story.

Overall, very satisfied with their weights and can handle them now without having them "freak out", except the juvies who are still skitterish.

Thanks for listening......Leos Are Awesome........jim

02-18-2012, 11:38 AM
Also I took a poop sample from Chloe & Nelly's cage, diluted it with purified water and checked under a 3X microscope and found NO worms present. So unless it is something smaller like a bacterium or viral agent, I believe they are just not "comfortable" in their enclosure yet. They are very fiesty and skittery so I am becoming convinced it is an environmental issue at this time, I will keep you posted.....jim