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08-01-2012, 11:29 AM
Jungle Dawn™ LED Bars ON SPECIAL while quantities last!::crackup::yahoo:

Many sizes available in Regular out-put and HO Models.
Also- Pre Order Your HO 33” and 44” bars due in next week.
(They are the most popular and go FAST!)

Jungle Dawn™ Bars have special coating on Face to make them highly moisture resistant. (Because mister accidents will happen!)

The regular out-put bars are perfect for lower light “understory “ set ups or for supplemental lighting on larger tanks.

They are great for Freshwater aquariums and are in sizes designed to Retro- Fit most brands of Aquarium and Vivarium Hoods.
Great to add a bar over a Chameleon enclosure to add more light with minimal electricity used! Can set on the screen top or be mounted with zip ties over enclosure(s).
Perfect for gecko enclosures!
The lower light reg. bars are the shazaam! for Dawn and dust lighting! :lol:

The HO Bars are made with the newer High Out-put LED Diodes and are fast becoming the new standard for the finest vivarium and aquarium lighting.

The HO Bars are approx. 9 watts per foot and give 600 Lumen per foot*.
Exact out-put can vary depending on transformer used.

All Jungle Dawn Bars use a minimum of 3 kinds of white diodes.
Why? Because NO ONE DIODE provides the perfect spectrum of Natural looking light.
But by combining 3 different kinds of diodes in various ratios - the bars give a natural cool “forest” day light.
The bars can be ordered direct from LightYourReptiles.com through e-mail using Paypal, Credit card, check or money order.
Simply e-mail LightYourReptiles@yahoo.com to purchase with list of what you need and I will shoot you back an invoice. You can pay-pal , purchase by credit or debit card or mail check or money order.
Also feel free to e-mail if you have any specific questions.

Because quantities are very limited, they are NOT on the LightYourReptiles.com web-site at this time.

Regular Out-Put Bars In Stock:

44” 21 watts Reg. 79.99... 30% OFF … NOW 56.00 ea.
33” 15 watts Reg. 69.99. ..30% OFF…. NOW 49.00 ea.
21.5” 10 watts Reg. 59.99.30% OFF… NOW 42.00 ea.
10.5 “ 5 watts Reg. 39.99..30% OFF….NOW 28.00 ea.

HO Higher Out-Put Bars In Stock:

28” 21 watts Reg. 85.99 … 25% OFF… NOW 64.50 ea.
21” 16 watts Reg. 79.99 … 25% OFF …NOW 60.00 ea.
16” 12 watts Reg. 69.99.….25% OFF …NOW 52.50 ea.

HO Higher Out-Put Bars- Under production right now!
PRE-ORDER yours today..

PRE-ORDER yours today..
These are the most popular and sell out FAST.
Due in 8-12 days.

44” 34 watts Reg. 99.99.… 25% OFF …NOW 75.00 ea.
33” 26 watts Reg. 89.99 ….25% OFF …NOW 67.50 ea.

Easy to use Plug & Play.
Add up the wattage of the Bars you need and allow approx. 10%-20% overage in wattage as a margin for the transformer.
4 x 44” HO Bars = approx. 136 watts. --- Use 12.5Amp. 150 watt transformer.
2 x 33” HO bar + 2 x Reg. 33” bar = approx. 82 watts. --- Use 8 Amp 96 watt transformer.

12.5 Amp 150 watt Transformer ... Reg. 79.99,.. 25% OFF ……… NOW 60.00
10 Amp 120 watt Transformer……Reg. 69.99... 25% OFF ………NOW 52.50
8 Amp 96 watt Transformer………Reg. 59.99.. .25% OFF ………NOW 45.00
4 Amp 48 watt Economy Transformer…Reg. 29.99.. 25% OFF…..NOW 22.50
2 Amp 24 watt Mini Economy Transformer Reg. 12.99 ..25% OFF.. NOW 9.75

MeanWell DIY Waterproof Transformers:
You need to connect plug and wires. All Included in KIT form.
Only for experienced DIY & electricians.

60 Watt Kit……….Reg. 69.99 … NOW 30.00
100 Watt Kit………Reg.89.99.….NOW 50.00

Electronic Regulated DIY Pro Transformers
You need to connect plug and wires. All Included in KIT form.
Only for experienced DIY & electricians.

100 Watt Kit Reg. 39.99.… NOW … 22.00
200 Watt Kit Reg. 59.99.…NOW … 33.00 (quantities limited)

Thank you!

PS. Feel free to check out my vendor feedback and posts about these bars!
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