View Full Version : Document for CITES II (and non-Cites species)

11-19-2012, 11:35 PM
I use this document whenever buying or selling ANY gecko. It has to be used and properly filled in by the buyer and the seller for all Appendix II (European B) species such as Phelsuma or Uroplatus. Check www.cites.org for the complete list.
Who can predict which species will be included in the CITES or European A, B, C lists in the future?

In that case, the date of purchase of your animals is very important: it is the only written legal evidence you bought such or such species BEFORE it could be placed in appendix II.

So In my opinion it is best to keep such documents in case the law changes in your country, or in case the CITES gecko species are modified.
Note: for Annex I, an individual certificate is needed, obtainable through your wildlife administration. The present document is thus not valid for Appendix I (European A) species.
Feel free to use and copy this certificate, I made it in English, French and German to be used in International shows (f.e. Hamm).

Note for Europeans: be careful with the CITES/EU lists of species. Usually II=B and I=A but there are some exceptions, check the EU 338/97 and the additional legal texts for more.