View Full Version : whats your opion??

Atomic Geckos
01-19-2014, 11:17 PM
pure lines.

01-20-2014, 07:06 AM
Pure lines are far more important than accessibility to the masses.

01-20-2014, 03:51 PM
I agree. what you will make will only be mutts. they will never be hardwiki and will, in fact, reduce the chances of a pure hardwiki breeding to another of its kind and perpetuating an unusual species.

Riverside Reptiles
01-24-2014, 12:30 PM
It's bad enough that leopard geckos have already been ruined without making hybrid animals with them too.

Ramseys Reptiles
08-25-2014, 05:37 PM
A big huge fat NO!!!

08-25-2014, 08:55 PM
Well, i guess that's pretty obvious and agree for 100%.
There's no reason to force evolution and take over the proces of creating new species, that's nature's job and it has proven to be pretty good at it.