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01-21-2014, 04:45 PM
Hello I have a small garg about 6 mo old have had her aprox 3 weeks, i fill a gateroade cap half full every other night w/ CGD and give water and i just dont know if hes eating it, its hard to tell and am concerned he is not putting on any weight. I started feeding pinhead crickets the other day gave 2 and he gobbled them up and put 4 last night and i think they are gone. I have eco dirt in there so i cant see any poop so i am just concerned want to make sure i am taking care of him the best i can, any input or suggestions would be glady appreciated.

Thank you

Concerned new momma!

02-26-2014, 07:51 PM
Check out the article that I posted today.

The rules regarding prey feeding sizes are a little blurred with gargs. They tend to respond better to prey that we would normally consider to be almost too large for a gecko their size. A 6mo old gargoyle gecko would probably be happier with small-medium crickets. If he's eating pinheads then great, but 4 pinheads a night is not enough for a 6mo old gargoyle gecko.

Another thing to consider is adding a basking spot. Being ectothermic, gargs like any other reptile are able to amp up their metabolism and activity level when exposed to warmer temperatures. This means faster growth, better immune systems and bigger appetites. I've found that this species appreciates a basking area at around 80F, but I wouldn't let it get any hotter than 82F. The ambient temp can remain in the 70's. Temperatures of 85F or more can quickly cause serious harm and even death and young animals are especially sensitive to high temperatures and dehydration. ie. Make sure that you're using a thermostat and temp gun.

I also had a hard time getting my first to eat CGD, so I kept him on gut-loaded and dusted crickets (he was only a month or 2 old and these were larger than pinheads ;-) ) until he started eating the CGD regularly......and he did not start to do this until I added the basking spot. After yours is pooping regularly, a little UVB in the same spot will be good for him, too: try a 2.0 or 5.0 and make sure that the UVB bulb is within 8" of his basking spot. I wouldn't add this before he starts to poop well for you because bright light can be stressful, esp in younger animals.

Be patient, keep your daily interactions limited to poop-cleaning, misting and feeding for a week or so and he will probably do just fine for you. If it were me, there would be no handling until he had produced nice big turds for me on 3 consecutive nights after the initial week.

02-26-2014, 07:54 PM
p.s. pics of garg and setup will be gladly accepted :biggrin: