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02-12-2014, 10:27 AM
I have a Tokay that is a rescue and she is not doing well. I was hoping to pick your brains for some new things to try. First, She was wild caught and never thrived in captivity (at the pet store and such). When I got her she was already stressed and hadn't eaten in weeks. I took her because I have more time on my hands to try to nurse her back to health, but she is my first Tokay. I love her. I really want her to pull through.

Originally, She was in a 10 gallon tank, which i was told was fine until she had her strength back. However, I feel it is only compounding the problem. She was in the wild... So a tiny enclosure would just stress her more. So, I am getting a Much larger enclosure today.

I was also told using a UVB bulb during the day would help. So I brought one home yesterday. In addition, She has been misted daily with RescueCal, RescueCal added to her soaks along with pedialyte, i have to force feed her which I do a carnivore care powder mixed with the Flucker's Reptiboost daily, and I do my best to squish up bugs (wax worms, Horned worms, Dubias, and Crickets) and feed that a few times a week. She has also been through 3 round of deworming.

Despite it all, She is failing. It also seems that food is just "going through" her. I will feed and she will poop a few minutes later. Any Suggestions? I do have trouble keeping her humidity up. I have desert species, so humidity has never been an issue.

02-19-2014, 12:24 AM
Well it's now a balance between keeping her hydrated and fed long enough for the meds to do their job.

By the way, deworming is only half the battle. I'm assuming that was Panicur, but has she been on a regime of Flagyl/Metronidazole for flagellants/protozoan infestations. Typically the stress of importation and being captive will reduce their immune systems' ability to keep these in check so a bloom occurs in the GI track rendering the animal miserable and unable to eat on its own.

02-19-2014, 02:43 AM
I was thinking the same, you must be treating her with the wrong drug, Did you have a fecal done? It should be done asap in order to identify the parasite and treat it properly. I'm not sure why you are using RescueCal in her water? I would stop both RescuCal, Flucker's Reptiboost and only give her the Carnivore Care.

02-19-2014, 12:29 PM
can you please also post a pic of her enclosure and give more details about the husbandry? for example, what are the temperature ranges, and what is the hot/basking spot? what sort of hiding areas does she have? is there cover? how often do you mist?

I'm not sure what you keep, but what would be a great hospital setup for a leo or beardie, or chuckwalla, won't work for her.

good luck with her! she sounds like she's not in good shape.