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03-09-2014, 06:27 PM
I joined last week hoping to get good advice on taking care of a new baby crested gecko. I just got it two days ago. I have posted several threads since joining and I get hardly any replies to anything. Even my introduction thread I got one reply. This is my first crested gecko and I posted a thread today about "her" not finding the food yet, I know it's normal but I'm very worried. Tons of people have viewed it, not one reply! What's the point of this forum if nobody is willing to help new owners?

03-09-2014, 09:19 PM
I'm sorry you're not getting responses as soon or as many as you'd prefer. It can be frustrating. I can think of a number of reasons:
--many of the people viewing may be beginners as well hoping to hear the advice too
--some of the experts (me included sometimes) get tired of responding to the same questions over and over. They/we understand that what may be old hat to us is a new and crucial problem to the person asking, but many of us are trying to parcel out a limited amount of energy for responding. I'm sorry if it backfires on people like you.

I do try to respond to queries where I see there are "0" responses, but generally don't respond about cresties because I only have 1. Based on my experience with 1 (and gargs) to the question you allude to in this post I would say that the crestie does have a sense of smell, will eventually find the food and it may not seem for awhile as if it's eating it because usually it continues to look untouched even though they may be licking it (I don't think I saw my crestie eat for its first year --now it's 8 years old and healthy).

Here are some other suggestions for getting answers to your questions:
--Use the search function. Sometimes it's hard to find the right word to put into the search, but it can be worth the time. I wouldn't be surprised if some of your questions have been answered many times before
--get a sense of who the regular crestie posters are and send them a PM with your questions. I get these kinds of PM's from people sometimes and feel flattered that someone would single me out to ask a question.

Good luck with more reponses in the future.


Riverside Reptiles
03-10-2014, 05:03 PM
A forum like this should not only be viewed as somewhere to post and get an instant answer to your question. It is important that you read through the old posts and use it like the archive that it is to find answers on your own. You will find it a lot more helpful if you take the time to search for information as most questions that you have, have been answered many times over in the past.