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05-10-2014, 09:51 AM
I recently acquired 2 leos from a woman who told me they were both female. Now I have my doubts. One has laid eggs in their moist hide. They are not socialized at all so I can't pick them up to see if they are both female or not. I don't really want babies but now what do I do? I don't really want to just throw the eggs away because that seems cruel but I have no idea how to care for them. Any help would be awesome.30154

05-10-2014, 12:16 PM

Here is some info from Elizabeth's care sheet that may help.

---Take a 2.5 gallon glass tank with screen cover
---Add a piece of glass to cover 1/3 of the top
---Clip on a 5.5 inch diameter Fluker's clamp lamp with dimmer capabilities
---Insert a 25 watt bulb
---Perforate the lid of a 24 ounce rectangular Rubbermaid container
---Fill container 2/3rds full with freshly boiled incubation medium like Hatch-Rite, seramis, or (? vermiculite)
---Dampen medium
---Place each egg into a little pocket/indentation touching the seramis......half buried, top half exposed
---Place probe of minimum/maximum digital thermometer inside with probe near the eggs
---Close container
---Place digital thermometer outside of RM container, but within the tank
---Cover tank and adjust heat output of light bulb

Moisture droplets on the insides of the container (not the eggs) indicate that proper humidity is being maintained. Substrate medium may need to be remoistened periodically by adding some water.


Put a small mark with a marker pen on top of the eggs the way you found them laid. You must keep that mark at the top of the egg at all times so as not to drown the embryo.

I have no experience in breeding leopard gecko's but I believe you incubate at

79-82 Fahrenheit for females.
87-88 Fahrenheit for males.

05-10-2014, 12:32 PM
Thanks for the info, the only problem is not expecting eggs I don't have anything at all to make an incubator with. I did a little research and read that from the time of breeding until the eggs are laid is something like 21 days. Which means the woman I got them from probably bred her and never told me, not happy about that. :(

05-10-2014, 01:15 PM
The only thing I can suggest is to go and get the things needed.

In the meantime, what is the temperature in the moist hide at the moment?

05-10-2014, 01:19 PM
The temp is at 80 degrees right now, also she has buried them, is that ok?

05-10-2014, 01:25 PM
Well, I would recommend building a temporary moist hide for the Leo's and shut off the moist hide in the tank so the Leo's can't enter it, the thing you have to worry about is the other Leo damaging the eggs. Keep the moss that its buried in moist but DO NOT wet the eggs.

But this is only temporary, you need all the equipment for a proper incubator really.

Hopefully someone else with experience with breeding leos will help out.

05-10-2014, 02:55 PM
Mature females do lay the odd clutch even if they've never mated.
It's still very possible that they're both female.
It's hard to tell much from the picture of the eggs, but my hunch is that they're infertile. If they're soft, like a water filled balloon, chances are they're infertile.

Elizabeth Freer
05-10-2014, 04:43 PM
Hi ~

Here's a sexing link: Sexing Leopard Geckos (http://www.reptilecare.com/leopardgender.htm)

05-14-2014, 03:45 PM
Females can lay unfertilized eggs.

Personally, we don't have a male because we don't want to deal with eggs at this time. But when I mentioned this to the person at the reptile show as a reason for getting two females instead of a male and a female, they shrugged it off as a non-issue to them - "if you don't want to hatch the eggs, don't worry about the humidity" was the response I got from them.

Cheers, K