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11-04-2014, 04:03 PM
Installed a new cool feature. Idea is that you can tag someone like in Twitter by just putting the AT - @ symbol in front of their user name and they will get an email that someone mentioned them in a post. Email will go to whatever address they have registered on file.

For example if I was saying that Ethan aka Riverside Reptiles and Hilde should comment on this thread, they would get an email from the forum informing them of a tag.

Lets hope this works as it should :)

11-04-2014, 04:22 PM
play with it in this thread and let me know if it works. I'm not getting emails, then again my emails was wrong :)

Riverside Reptiles
11-04-2014, 06:24 PM
Marty, just FYI...seems to work. I got both an email and a notification in my GU stuff.
Should be a handy feature! Thanks!

11-04-2014, 08:01 PM
I got it too, didn't get it when I tagged myself in a post. Best is that you can pull anyone into the conversation. Hope Edgar from Chameleons Canada likes this feature

11-04-2014, 08:01 PM
forgot to mention that the link that's created points to the person's profile

Elizabeth Freer
11-06-2014, 06:54 AM
Marty ~

How do "hash tags" work?

Noticed that my first #43 (http://www.geckosunlimited.com/community/usertag.php?do=list&action=hash&hash=43) was automatically tagged. When I click on it, it does not go anywhere, at least not to the post I meant.

Click: http://www.geckosunlimited.com/community/leopard-geckos-husbandry-housing-heating/76997-81-degrees-my-warm-hide.html#post435222

11-06-2014, 08:43 AM
I made a new thread http://www.geckosunlimited.com/community/news-rules-updates/77004-new-feature-hashtags.html

05-03-2015, 09:34 PM
I honestly don't like this feature. It just creates spam in our e-mail inboxes. If we are to draw someone's attention, dropping a pm works well enough.