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07-23-2015, 03:32 PM
Hello Everyone! I am in my 2nd season of breeding Leos. Last year, I made a DIY incubator with a styrafoam cooler, a fish tank water heater with temp control, a tupperware container with damp perlite, and a thermometer/humidity probe. I did not plan to breed for profit or anything at the time, just wanted to give it a shot (I had males & females housed together at the time). I purchased all my Leos from a breeder in my area at the local Repticon, and know their genetics. Anyway, I didn't label the eggs or anything, and apart from 3, they were all normals. (1 tremper albino, 1 snow, 1 mp). I hatched out 15 babies in total, and sold them to friends/coworkers as pet only. After last year, I decided i would 'get serious' and get a real incubator. I tried a Little Giant incubator, got hatchrite and deli cups and egg trays from LLL reptiles, and set them up in the Little Giant. Well. That was a disaster. All the eggs dried up, and I could not keep humidity up no matter how many water dishes I put in the incubator. I went back to my old set up, the only change I made was a larger styrafoam cooler. I use perlite in the deli cups with lids that have screen tops to prevent baby escape/mixing, and to keep track of babies better. I have found that the eggs that are fertile have lower problems with moulding, but my MS het Tremper female and SHTCTB female eggs do well for 2-3 days, then turn yellow, and if I don't catch them, the entire deli cup will be filled with white fuzzy mold that clings to the eggs, containers, and perlite.

Is there anything I can do to prevent this? What is everyone else using as a set up, and do you have any problems with mold growing? I keep my temp at 82F and humidity at 75%. When I used a smaller cooler, the humidity stayed up higher around 80-85%, and I had less issues with mold.


07-23-2015, 09:27 PM
The only time I get mold is when the eggs aren't fertile or when the embryo dies.


12-16-2015, 12:42 PM
only time ive had mold was on a infertile egg but i have heard of to much humidity doing it also