View Full Version : Tokay eggs and hatchlings.

11-24-2015, 10:43 AM
A little background. I have a Tokay trio that are about the most harmonious animals I've ever seen. Two females, and a big male. The male and one female were brought in together, as they were a bonded pair when they were given to the pet shop. The other female is my first Tokay, a WC I've had for about a year and a half. We bought a giant (Exo-Terra XL) tank for the three, and within a week all three of them were inseparable. I've had no fighting, no competition, nothing. It's been very surprising, though I'm still leaning on separating the WC Tokay eventually.

Within a couple months, the WC laid a clutch of eggs inside a log. Then more eggs came, up to a grand total of 8. Her and the other female have taken turns guarding them, and over the past week I've noticed them guarding the log more. I came home yesterday to find a brand new hatchling hanging out with the original WC Tokay, but the other 7 eggs are still intact. I've got a separate tank and habitat set up for the babies, but I'm toying with the idea of moving the WC mother (she's been the only one to lay the eggs from what I can tell, though I'm not 100% positive) and the babies to the separate tank as trying to catch 8 hatchlings eventually in a tank with three full-grown adults is a recipe for bloodshed.

Would you recommend doing this or should I just leave them all be and worry about relocating them after a couple months?

This is my first experience with Tokay breeding and, hopefully, my last as it was a happy accident. I'm looking at separating the male once I get another tank set up if that's a more pragmatic option than separating the WC female.

Any advice would be appreciated.