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12-24-2016, 04:14 AM
I have never owned anY sort of lizard, let alone gecko, but have recently decided I should branch out that way. After some research, I'vefound that golden geckos may be the right first of this area for me. I'm considering getting a terarrium as large a 18"18"36", but that is a bit large for the area I have in mind, so I may keep it 16"16"30" or something. Now, in terms of terarriums, I was wondering of a screen enclosure would work, or if it has to be glass. Second comes the number I should keep, I understand that only one male is recommended, but that he can live with one or more females fine, is this correct? I am wondering what type of stocking would be recommended for the larger and the smaller terrariums, including the number of females and males. I would also like to check my understanding that they do not require uvb light, but they do need basking spot with her bulbs. I'm also curious of your individual opinions of handling this specific species, as I've read oposing arguments from different sources.

If it turns out that this my not be the best species for me to start with, what geckos (or other types of lizards) might be better. Keep in mind that I am nowhere near new to animals, having around 15 enclosures that hold fish, frogs, mollusks, crustaceans, and mammals of many different types, I've just never had anY indoor reptile (and the only outdoor ones are chickens and ducks).

Anyways, thank you, I really do appreciate learning new things and keeping new critters.:-D

12-30-2016, 01:44 PM
hi, and welcome!

first: how much do you want to handle your gecko? I don't keep them myself and hopefully an expert can chime in here, but I have friends that keep them and it's my understanding that they're best as eye-candy. some geckos will tolerate handling, but mostly they prefer not to be touched.

that aside, why would you want more than a pair? I'd go with an 18x18x24 glass viv and just keep a pair; that's a nice generous amount of space. if you want a trio, I'd consider it absolutely a bare minimum for size. these are larger, active geckos.