View Full Version : Degei support?

Smart Snakes
11-20-2018, 10:14 PM
Does anyone know if there is any support at all for Degei Husbandry Database anymore? I'v e been using the program for 12 years now and don't want to switch to something else, but I'm experiencing constant malfunctions and crashes as of late. The last time I received any support was April of this year and now I can't seem to contact them at all. In case someone who can offer direct assistance sees this, This is my current issue that I can't resolve:

I just added a new entry. I had to add Japanese Rat Snake Elaphe climacophora to the species list because it wasn't there, I also added Kunasir Island Blue to the morph list for that species. Now it crashes whenever I try to open the morph list for this species or attempt to edit the species on this entry. I don't experience any malfunctions if I try to change species or edit morph lists in any other entry.

Any help is greatly appreciated.