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New to geckosunlimited

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by , 09-08-2011 at 08:19 PM (388 Views)
Hey everyone my name is Kyle and I'm new to geckosunlimited. My wife and I have been breeding crested geckos for about 5 years now as what started out a small hobby and love for them. We are currently overflowing with beautiful babies. We don't claim to be the all-knowing fully loaded gurus of cresteds, but we certainly are convinced that the animals we've produced are amazing and healthy. We sell locally but the word doesn't get out the way it does on the internet so we are trying a new approach. Anyway I'm here now looking to sell and if anyone has any questions or comments then let it rip. Thanks
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    hey first comment haha howmuch is a basic crested baby an are they easy to take care of? preety much i am asking for a care sheet because the one at petsmart SUCKS. ha. anyway i might be intrested so yupp!
    and what kind of cage u sugeste
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