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My Leopard Gecko Max went in the heater vent.

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by , 10-06-2010 at 10:11 AM (1654 Views)
I'm concerned, my lil dude went into the heater vent. I had a cover on it and felt as if it was fail proof, upset i was mistaken. 3 days ago, i could not find him for like 5mins, very unusual. If climbing on me and my computer desk and he choose to be dare devil, rarely he will crawl down or jump down, look around a lil a go under my ferret cage and chill out in the corner or, he will come back toward me and crawl right into my hand. I go to get him at his usual spot for this behavior and he is not there. Finally, my sister in law finds him in the bottom of the heat vent in my room, but she stands up and tells me,but doesn't want to grab him in fear he might get scared. So, immediately after i go to get him, he is not there... he went deeper back into the hole man, my poor dude...smh.... So, i put his heat pad down there, some food, calc, water.. i haven't seen him sense that day..can anyone suggest anything else i can try? I'm really thinking i may have to call pest control to see if they have the tools to get him out. I just hope its not pricey..anyways, suggests? Appreciate them in advance, thank you.
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  1. creastie gecko ian's Avatar
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    oh thats bad
    what were u doing letting him roam free on his own?or was it a mistake?could you try tempting him with crickets
    or somthing.u will hav to wait beside the vent for a while..
    0r u could just open the vent (take the screws out)and put your hand in??well good luck finding him.hope he is still alive
    by long has he been down there and what is the tempeture.
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  2. GekStyle's Avatar
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    I don't no how him roaming or it being a mistake has relevance to me asking for any suggestions. In any case, thank you for your "good luck" wishes. I appreciate that.
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