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by , 10-28-2011 at 07:21 PM (983 Views)
Re: U.S. Phelsuma cepediana breeding project

Postby Wed Jan 19, 2011 9:36 am
2010 - Update

The co-op has four keepers still working cooperatively on cepediana in the U.S. One of the original keepers traded his stock to a keeper outside the co-op but that keeper has shown interest in trades.

The co-op is an "at will group" but everyone is urged to continue to working together. I believe this co-op is a model of how the keeping of endangered/protected reptiles should work, especially to have a chance for long term success in captivity.

It's taken six years to bring the total number of cepediana in the US from less than a handful to now over 50 within the co-op (estimated). Those numbers alone is proof that a co-op is needed. If cepediana were easy, there would be hundreds by now.

Because some of the co-op's cepediana found their way to keepers outside the co-op there is a small number in the US outside of our records. Those bloodlines and information on them is lost. It is possible that without good information new keepers may not keep and breed cepediana successfully. We hope that some of our husbandry information makes it out to them so they can have good breeding results too.

Numbers should increase more rapidly now that we have a proven method for producing male offspring. As more male cepediana are available, more keepers can be added.

Still a challenge: neonate deaths need to be reduced. Increase female breeding years.
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  1. Riverside Reptiles's Avatar
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    You'd probably get a lot better response to your posts if you posted them in the forums (http://www.geckosunlimited/community) than in your private blog.
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    Any updates on continued Phelsuma cepediana progress, Leann?
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