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Quetzal sure is growing

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by , 01-11-2011 at 07:26 PM (489 Views)
I noticed this morning when I went into the greenhouse to check on Quetzal that he or she (still can't tell which) has grown a lot since I got him/her in late September. The leaves on the plant in the vertical hexagon take I have set up are starting to droop like a weeping willow from him/her sitting on them all day. He/she is getting heavy enough that he/she can no longer sit on the leaves without weighing them down. If this keeps up, I may need to move him/her into the larger custem-made enclosure sooner than I may otherwise have wanted to. That, or put some branches inside the tank instead of those fake plants I have in there right now. It seems almost like a coming-of-age thing: "you know you're growing up when you are too heavy to sit on a fake plant leaf." The good thing is that I haven't witnessed Quetzal bashing his/her nose on the glass walls of the tank, which is something both basilisks and water dragons are known to do. Maybe Quetzal is still small enough to stay inside his/her tank until Spring after is a 30-something gallon tank so it should be able to hold a small juvenile basilisk.

And earlier this afternoon I saw Pepé sitting on his log hide staring at his food dish again. I gave him 12 decent-sized crickets last night, why is he still hungry? He still isn't any bigger than Bahamut is and Bahamut eats conservatively only once or twice a week. Skunk geckos really are hardy. Despite being humid forest geckos, they really don't like getting wet either. At least Pepé doesn't. I am not even sure how he drinks his water. I haven't observed him actually lapping water from the dish but he often has his nose near it when he is on the back wall behind one of the fake plants in his terrarium.

That's about it for lizard rambling at the moment. Thanks for reading (if anyone is).
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