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    Default Crestie breeding -super aggressive female???


    Hi all,

    So I have a ~4yr old female crestie, I purchased her at only 15g from someone who was keeping her with a pair, she was subordinate in this situation, the other two were nearly full size and they had all been purchased together.
    She's been housed alone in a 24x24x18" viv since then and currently weighs 48g.
    We called her Clamps... because she will try to eat anything while in the viv (but never during handling) she'll even launch at the glass when our rabbits run past on the floor quite a distance below...

    I purchased a 2 year old proven male in October, he's very chilled compared to her and is rarely active unless it's totally dark. He weighs 40g and also lives alone in a 24x18x18" viv.

    My first ever attempt to introduce them (I hoped to keep them together) was in her enclosure and resulted in lots of chasing and lunging by her.

    So I left it a good while and have tried on perhaps 6 occasions to place her into his enclosure for mating, hoping he would be bolder and her more cautious.
    Every time he has seemed more like he might make a move and once nearly mated her, however she seems to relish attacking him in his own home before he even realises she is there.

    Am I doing something utterly noobish or do I just have a really bad mix?
    Thanks in advance!

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    some girls are just bitchy. I have a friend with a big female crestie (her name is Lil Miss Biteypants). this particular girl is a very nice-looking gecko. when my friend tried to pair her with a male, she attacked and actually injured him.
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